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  • mabinogi moblie gameplay footage has leaked

    So either this is some weird new title somehow not announced ever in the past...

    ...or we are looking at Bootleg Mabi.

    It honestly looks more like bootleg Mabi.
    No sign of Devcat anywhere.
    Fate Stay Night Archer's Bow as the example bow for archer class.
    Archery skills that look generic and nothing like actual Mabi archery.
    What one would assume to be G1 era based on release with recent era pets?
    RED SHEEP????
    The combat looks lifeless compared to actual mabi and even actual mabi mobile.
    And last but not least: The laughably slow horses that you can't name and are instead treated as generic MMO mounts.

    Although it is nice to see that even in a bootleg, Tir Square is still filled with afk people and the occasional social group.
    Greta[Deleted User]
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Oh no, Nexon is doing the thing they always do.

    And the forum reacts the same as it always does.

    I honestly won't care in the slightest as the only way I see myself paying for more than Pon for Style Tab in this game is if they update VIP.
    Currently its just a more expensive style tab with gestures.
    VeylaineMizukiHayamaSebastianTrythisHellkaizerTheOthicNkeonaShouKKitsuyashaSheenaand 1 other.
  • Thank you Mabinogi

    ShouK wrote: »
    How do you get r1 herbalism? I'm stuck at RB. I tried going to solea looking for herbs but all I found was base herbs, and one poison herb.
    Before that (including Rank B), just raid other people's herb patches in their homestead for picking up other herbs (with their permission ofc). There will be some people willing enough to lend their homestead for herbalism training.


    Willing does not even begin to describe it.

    I outright challenge people to empty my Herb Garden.
    All the training one needs.
  • what would have made mmo junkie crossover better

    What would make it better?

    At this point anything.

    It has so little presence that if the gacha wasn't around, I wouldn't even remember its going on.
  • Another event RUINED for the RNG

    Arjune wrote: »
    Gold is easy for people like me who knows the market, and I definitely take advantage of events, but not everyone plays this game the same way. There's actually people that think selling event items is immoral because they got it for free and they gift them to friends. So because that's how they are as a person we should call them lazy or dumb?

    See, I would show sympathy about if you mentioned things like players not having time to grind, or unaware of market prices or how to put up a shop. But this?

    This makes me not feel the slightest sympathy for those players.
    Players that quite literally have the means to solve their problems, but instead of actually doing so, decide to avoid such for the sake of some unbelievably minor, insignificant, forgettable moral stance to make themselves feel high and mighty and not part of the "big bad rich people".

    Especially when we get so many event rewards that unless they give away EVERYTHING they own, they should very easily have loads of things to sell, worth the millions of gold that could make them stop being poor.
    Arjune wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    And yeah, as far as wings go, 2-4 mil is amazingly cheap.
    Compare it to things like 80m Incu wings on Tarlach, and it becomes more obvious.

    We shouldn't have to compare it to any 80m wings or even 2-4 mil wings. They were supposed to be free event wings that people could make permanent but NOPE not unless you have extreme blessing of the gods luck. It got people's hopes up, so of course they're gonna feel sad and want to complain -- especially the ones that need their money to buy gear and repairs instead of 2-4 mil wings because those people actually do exist. I know some of those people

    They can still extend the wings by a year, so hopefully people will learn from these threads not to waste coins for the perma coupon and just get the 1 year extension coupon if they really want to ensure they get to keep the wings for a while

    You also appeared to answer your own problem, congrats.
    The 1 year coupon is the obvious answer to avoiding the RNG of the event.
    Pretty much anyone that actually cares about the wings got the 1 year coupon.