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  • Recap the stream 4 me plox?

    Greta wrote: »
    No Potion fishing event?No chain blades?Dun care about new events.
    Nexon please..

    We get potion-junk items almost on every random event. Potion fishing event is not a must anyway.

    Chain Talent can also wait. We just got Traveler's Guide and Ninja revamp. We shouldn't slap all new updates in just few weeks, unless you want a game to be left with no promising updates for at least 6 months.

    Did anyone actually expect Chain Slash this month?
    As much as I didn't expect an anime crossover, I at least had a feeling they would hold off on the talent.
    If anything toss out the Squire update around thanksgiving.

    I'm expecting Chain Slash to be out around December, to take advantage of people on break.
    More players around to see the new talent and actually be able to get on to play.
  • How-2-Get-THICC-Thighs?

    FangHimura wrote: »
    I've given myself thicc hips for years now and I generally just eat about 20-30 slices of cheese after each rebirth. I hate how the bodies look skeletal without doing anything to them.


    Wow, its like staring at a parallel universe.

    Inverted colors and different headwear choice.

    But otherwise most of everything is the same.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    scorpin99 wrote: »
    So what you're saying is we have to shill out money out the end for over 10 bone dragons and tons of reforges to be able to easily clear content? Because what I see is someone who has tons of reforges and tons of pets to spam while they load up their skills.

    Look, when you reach endgame or even close to it, earning gold is easy. Literally all those pets and reforges you mentioned can just be bought with gold earned from playing the game. Also good observation. Almost like a large portion of endgame players have reforges, or better yet, a large portion of solo runs use pet summons.
    scorpin99 wrote: »
    Yea they clear it really easy, but that's in KOREA where latency basically doesn't exist.

    I know this is just a nitpick, but come on. The video title even says JP. As in Japan. It was even hinted at in his post.
    And don't act like it isn't easy here either. There is a reason most phantasm breakers are elves.
    scorpin99 wrote: »
    The point I see with this thread is to make archery viable WITHOUT reforges and without having to spend tons of money for pets for def/prot reduction in order to do enough damage to reliably solo content. Archery basically went unchanged throughout its existence. Case in point: Final shot, it used to reduce archery skill load times but after Genesis got rid of skill load times that part of final shot became useless. Add on to the fact that it still has load times and it became a glorified aim speed boost

    How to make Archery viable without reforges: 1k+ dex, black dragon knight bow. There, now you can be the pretty little reforge free archer you want everywhere outside endgame dungeons.

    And then when it becomes time for you to actually do difficult things, you too will likely have gold for reforges and use them to increase damage once you run out of ways to get stronger.

    Also, are you really complaining about Final Shot being an aim speed boost? Because well...
    scorpin99 wrote: »
    Then there is the fact that aiming is still a thing, other than the flat luck chance to miss, archery is the ONLY talent left that can even miss. People are arguing that archery should be able to clear content reliably without needing to get all these reforges and pets to clear content. its a slow talent and if you try and go into groups while maining archery, most people won't take you because they want fast clear times, and by the time you have one shot off 90% of the room is dead or just the room is cleared.

    You could solve your aiming issue with final shot but....heh.
    Also a lot of actual high end archery just rapid fires at the start of aiming. Nice little trick mentioned in this thread already.

    Also, last I checked, there is an ENTIRE ARCHERY SKILL meant to be used when you miss. So you can still hit your target.
    AND it knocks them back, making it easier to continue pelting them with death.

    Also really? Clear times are what you think people worry about? What kind of bad player actually cares about...
    Look, if being the special room clearing snowflake is what matters to you, just don't walk into the same "room" as someone else.
    Or just go solo. Or understand that archery has support skills that aid other people and to actually work with someone.
    scorpin99 wrote: »
    Coming from playing since 2009, archery used to be viable with just stats and a decent bow. you didn't need to spend so much gold/money to be able to clear content with archery, but now it seems like its necessary or else you just lag behind. That's dumb and people have been trying to get that fixed for ages now. and just because you can clear content with it does not mean it isn't broken and needs to be fixed. i bet you at least 80% of archers wont be able to do the things in the videos you sent because getting the gold and pets and reforges is too tall an order for them.

    Wow, its like amazing crafted bows, enchants, and getting every life skill in the game to Rank 1 without any training bonuses was not a thing!
    Its also like content back then did not have enemies that were a total joke.

    Also "lag behind"? Really? Do you just stare at humans doing final hit and wish you were them when final hit requires just as many, if not MORE reforges than archery?

    And no, archery is broken. Well, elf archery anyway. Crystal Deer Archery causing the easiest solo phantasm runs is what counts as BROKEN.

    And yeah, 80% of archers won't do such. In fact, most archers don't even see the gold/reforge barrier early on. Thats the 80%.
    Once they see it, they either A: Switch to a diff talent B: Go earn gold needed or C: Switch talent AND get gold needed.
    You can say the same thing for literally any combat talent in the game.
    Because just about every talent has the same chances in Solo Phantasm, or in some cases, next to no chance.
  • outlaw hunting

    I've had opposite luck before.

    Where I would find bandits fast and get a outlaw HS pass right away.
    Normally I was going "yay more bandits to kill" (I was doing Grandmaster Merch's bandit hunt mission at the time)

    But then RNG went "Hey, want to get that rare outlaw boss encounter? No? Too bad, you're getting it for 5 outlaws in a row!"
    The one time I want bad luck and the game decides to make me lucky against my will.

    RNG is cruel.
  • Lots of dailies that need 3+ ppl huh?

    Liyeta wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Sheena wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »
    U no like leechin? o3o

    Tail def is the only time I can leeech without getting flamed 4 it.

    I call it my catch up days. I que up all my shows I've missed during the week whenever tail is cycled in. :*

    I hate leechers, they are the scum of every single mmorpg game after bot users. Just like that horse dude called
    or something like that that leechs ever since day one of Mabinogi, I found him years ago and ever since then i blocked him and tell people to kick him right away

    Actually, no.

    They are the scum of Earth itself.

    -clears throat-
    That horsey did not leech. He did not just stand there and do nothing. He help with attacking stuff which make him not a leecher since he contribute to the run.

    But really if someone want to roleplay as a horse then let them roleplay as a horse. Not dealing high enough damage is not a good reason for calling someone scum or leecher.

    Back on topic
    I actually love tdb and ss since i have good shuriken for it and the reward is pretty good.

    I disagree. It IS a legitimate reason reason to call someone a leech, when someone gimps themselves hard enough, or the mission is so knowingly far out of their league, and they have not asked whether or not they could leech. This is both an intentional action, and one requiring great severity in equipment reduction.

    I was running a TDB Elite, and he kept spamming join despite my efforts to manually stop him, including black listing. My reasoning is that unlike Shadow Wizard Elite, TDB Elite expects a greater contribution of its party members. I felt it wouldn't have been fair for the person who would have to account for his self gimping, and to the whole party. With Shadow Wizard Elite, you usually get complete overkill.

    When it comes to my own parties, my term for a leech is "Someone that does literally nothing, and does not even try to fight. Thus becoming a wasted party slot and replaceable by anyone."
    Always been how I did MA parties. Mostly since I prefer to teach people and help them grow.

    Only exception is Tail Defensive Battle.
    All I care then is that the gates are defended.
    I'll even joke about leeching in this mission, telling whoever gets placed at my gate that they can just hang back and do nothing.
    Since the moment any wave spawns my Fireball slaughters the group on the spot. Even on Elite.

    Not like we can speed it up anyway. TDB is just one glorified autoscroller.
    Only far less interesting and with a lot less going on.