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  • So dungeon botters are a thing now.

    lidiya wrote: »
    Except prove they are botters. It has been said by Nexon staff one person running mabi on multiple computers is not against the rules. It is only against the rules if they run multiple instances on one physical PC. So your definition of abuser is perfectly legal to do in game, and you are wrongly telling people to report others which will clog the ticket system.
    Botting which is 100% automated playing on the other hand yes is 100% against TOS, and banneable

    Where? Please show us that Nexon said this. Further, please show where they specifically said that it's OK for one person to run mabi on multiple computers at the same time.

    Anyway, against the rules or not, it's obvious that this compromises the game. It wasn't meant to be played this way. Sure, Nexon could've done more to prevent/discourage this, and sure, thanks to recently released materials being a pain to get in our version of the game, there may even be an upside to people doing this (assuming they actually sell the mats they're supposedly gathering; they could just hoard them), but the first thing can obviously be written off as Nexon's negligence or incompetence in managing the game, and the second doesn't outweigh the problems this causes.

    Let's weigh the pros and cons.

    -More rare drops get spread around (maybe)

    -Gold farmers have an easier time farming gold to sell (indirectly stealing profits from Nexon, by the way)
    -Inflation rises
    -The players who do this have an unfair advantage over other players who can't. They're getting 4x the reward for the same amount of work/time.

    Don't just mindlessly obey the rules. Why are the rules there? I'm pretty sure I recall having almost this exact conversation on the old forums. If you're using multiple computers to get more rewards with less effort and in less time, how are you any better than that other guy who bots or even just multi-clients to do the same thing? You think Nexon cares that you spend moneys on more computers (instead of on NX)? You think they want to make sure that you spend the maximum amount of time doing anything in Mabi, that you have to at least click a couple times on multiple computers to abuse the system , instead of botting? Or are they just anal about people modding their client? (Ok, they are, but not without good reason). No matter which way you go about it, you're doing the exact same thing: breaking the game, which is exactly what the rules are there to prevent.

    At any rate, it doesn't matter whether we clog the ticket system. If there's a problem with players reporting this, the people who handle the tickets will let us know. They either take care of it or they don't, and none of us have any say in that (you included).
  • I have an honest question

    It's mostly because any and all drastic lore changing updates (mostly all racial marriage) would cause my lore war thread to fill up to 100 pages if people actually posted their rants in it instead of making normal threads go off topic with it. The greater portion of those comments would either be salt over how lore is being ignored or tossed aside, or salt that #WeCan'tHaveNiceThings because of the lore enthusiasts. Personally, I think players as part of a separate existence from the NPCs could attain all racial marriage without harming the pre-established lore. Although the second problem is that lore changes over time, and lore enthusiasts don't necessarily enjoy that factor and prefer the game to not evolve and remain stagnant.

    Pretty much this, particularly the part in bold, and especially the underlined portion. I haven't seen anyone get worked up about this for any other reason.
    Froglord wrote: »
    Mabinogi's lore is a game of telephone.

    It went from the G1 to G3 starting off fine, g4 ~ g8 was off topic a bit because of Iria, g9 to g12 was for the most part pretty good, but that's when FMA was cool at the time. Then came the maplestory director that ruined most of everything in shakespeare ~ Iria saga, and things were never the same. Everything afterwards was sort of just damage control because of the shakespeare and Iria arcs, and included content just messed up so many things.
    In any case, this is a bad series of stories with unexplained consistencies between them. Inference is hackneyed excused for poor story writing to leave things unexplained. Some things should be explained, or compounded on.

    Rant mode:Engaged. I know people like to give DevCAT a lot of crap over the shakespeare stuff in particular (myself included), but it wasn't even a bad idea (though it did come out of nowhere); it was just horribly executed, as if they hadn't actually planned it out at all. It seems perfectly plausible to me that Shakespeare was here long before we were, and it's even cute to suggest that he got his ideas for his plays from his adventures in Erinn. But why randomly pull out Bella and Crazy Lugh, with a zombie apocalypse? And what about the Guardians of Avon? Wasn't there supposed to be another one? It looks like they either forgot what they were trying to do, or never had an actual plan in the first place.

    Same with the Sagas (or at least Saga 2; Saga 1 was necessary to set up Saga 2, I suppose). Expanding the lore (and gameplay in general) by uncovering new areas in Iria and removing the curse on elves? Sure, that was a great idea. Giving a bit of backstory on that and tying up the Cessairs loose end? Also fine. I even like the idea of a group of Aces. But they did it so terribly, undeniably WRONG. Why are all of the Aces but Merlin and Treasure Hunter stupid, useless background characters (if this was the plan, why did they need to appear in the story to begin with)? Why did they change Treasure hunter from a female elf to a male human, when his being an elf was an important detail of the story? Why couldn't they commit to anything concerning Treasure Hunter and Merlin's characters, aside from a couple of basic traits? All they did was hint at the possibility of there being something to hint at. Examples: "Merlin might actually be ancient and powerful for some reason, but we're never actually going to say that this is even the case, much less reveal the reason." and "Treasure Hunter's name might be important because reasons, so we might almost reveal it to the player." I think the reason most people didn't like Akule (a character I personally found pretty amusing), was that they did something similar with him.

    On top of those issues specific to that storyline, there are all the usual fuzzy terms being thrown around in vaguely cryptic dialogues, which leave us with little choice but to assume a lot of things, as Blissfulkill mentioned. As much as I miss G1-3 style storytelling, this was prevalent even there. We still don't actually know anything about the fomors; the only development we got on that front was exposure to more and more types, which only raised more questions/prompted more assumptions. We learned a little about the gods (although nothing they do in G16 makes any sense when you consider their previous actions), but then they poofed. Unfortunately, most of the things we see outside of the vague story, are basically meaningless because it's impossible to tell when anything happened or what should be affected outside of specific events depicted in the story quests and cutscenes. If I try to put important events into chronological order, the following is the best I can do: Stuff that happened a long time ago - whatever that means - in ??? order (most of the important lore seems to be hidden here)->Stuff that happened in Generation quests->Stuff that happened as a result of generation quests (this consists mostly of following generations, but a few things like the unsealing of Shyllien and Hillwen also fit here).

    So in a nutshell, we're forced to make assumptions on everything that doesn't occur in a cutscene in a mainstream quest because A.Time is weird in Mabinogi, and B.Dialogue in these quests tends to be very vague (not to mention in broken english, though this has improved over the years). I'd like to be able to say, "Yeah, Mabinogi has a cool story", but all I can honestly say is, "Yeah, I think Mabinogi might potentially have a cool story, if my assumptions are correct. It's got some neat cutscenes, at least." G19+ seems to be more coherent at least, but there's still the problem of the Alban Knights appearing out of nowhere, which people keep bringing up. I'd just assumed (there's that word again) that they were a very secretive part of the Pontiff's Court like the Temple Knights, or something like that. Hopefully this will be explained in the future.
  • The Skill Revamp Poll

    Q2: Improving the interactivity of life skills is tricky here. I can think of two ways to give players more incentive to work on them though. 1.Make them more useful throughout the game - currently they're only useful at endgame, if even there, so people only rank them for stats. While I'm sure that won't change (I can't really think of any reasonable way to do so, except for the suggestion in #2), it would at least be nice if they'd release more craftable items that don't require the entire server to create (as seems to be the recent trend), and then DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES release them in gachas. Another part of this is just making sure more types of gear are actually useful. 2.Something like the renown system, which gives players perks or rewards through certain NPCs associated with life skills. Just, you know, don't give people the world for nothing, which is what the current renown system does. Heck, while you're at it, might as well expand the PTJ and NPC intimacy systems (somehow).

    Q3+4: I think the best way to restore balance to this game (for now), is to redefine the defensive elements. Do this right, and the races all become equally viable, players and monsters will be more equal, a greater variety of equipment becomes useful, support roles become more useful, and you might even breathe some life back into PvP at large. A good start would be making magic def/prot more important, as well as prot/injury.

    Q5:I'm no alchemist, but I don't think alchemy needs new skills. The existing ones need buffs. I think it'd be cool if Elemental Wave could be revamped somehow, so that it offers different 'flavors' of golem instead of (or in addition to) the Shadow Golem, and maybe buffed versions of flame burst, water cannon, wind blast and sand burst, at the cost of the single corresponding marble, or a portion of it.

    Q6:Meh. It's pretty clear at this point that fighter was just a kind of add-on talent. You can throw in fighter combos with your archery/magic/close combat to avoid getting hit or to deal some quick damage. Obviously, players want it to be more than this - every skill tab has to be a standalone fighting style now. I guess the only solution, if this really must be addressed, is to add a new combo chain, or improve the chain system/chain skill cooldowns so skills can be re-used more quickly, or both. Or, if you just look at fighter as an extention of close combat, you could just buff chain skill damage, and maybe speed up the animations so they're easier to pull off, but I doubt that's the kind of fix most players are looking for.

    Q7:Music needs a huge nerfbuff. Bard should be a viable role in party play, sure, but these insta-buffs, which just anyone can pull out at any time, are a bit much. I think any effects that can be instantly bestowed on the party should be nerfed, but effects should be added that have to be maintained, and these should be better than whatever we have now, in order to be worth maintaining. As I recall, someone with a similar name to mine made a pretty neat suggestion thread for balancing this, in the old forums...

    Also, Battle Dance needs to be deleted before it gets to NA.

    Sorry for dumping this entire thing here. I never actually voted on the poll (I might do it now, but I hate having to choose a single option); I just wanted to respond to this post.

    Also, where's archery? o3o
  • So can we Talk about the squires for a second?

    Yes, Kanna best squire, so adorable. Logan and Dai are cool too.

    Kaour's alright, just a bit uptight.

    Eirlys is a butt, and Elsie is annoying. I haven't actually worked on getting either of them to like me though, so I don't know much about them, except that Elsie is a yandere because everyone likes to spoil talk about that.
  • 9th Anniversary Lux Bag+Normal Lux Bag?

    Buffalos wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    This could be a way to combat gold selling bots and gold sellers in general, remember, if the game company competes with the gold sellers, the gold sellers will be destroyed.

    It's really not competing when I could go to a Chinese website and buy five times the gold these bags appear to give for the same price.


    Baby steps. =3=