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  • Possible Elf Rework Soon?

    To my knowledge, there is no way for a human to achieve the magnum cooldown an elf has. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this. Elves have a higher maximum DPS with magnum.

    I don't know if you meant to insinuate this, but the bonus aim speed from Ranged Attack does not influence Magnum or Crash shot. I think it does affect AR, SS, and Mirage Missile though, in addition to Ranged Attack itself.

    Elven ranged attack is superior to Human ranged attack, on paper. Two arrows per shot means much more damage, and the ability to run while aiming is neat. These advantages are well worth the lower aiming speed and bonus damage, IMO.
    But elf lag is a thing. It doesn't happen all the time, but that delay is annoying enough that I avoid using ranged attack in favor of mirage missile most of the time.

    Human archers have more safety and consistency - Elven archers have more damage potential and some extra utility. I wouldn't say either is 'best', but that's mostly because we're so laggy over here and the ease of AR really helps with that. If lag weren't a thing, I'm sure most people would consider elves the best. Most people who bother with archery probably do already.

    An AoE DoT (which can kill) and slow (stacks with celestial spike)? Mirage Missile is underrated, but since the meta is one-shotting everything, I can see why people would ignore it. When you can't one-shot, it's extremely helpful. And the damage scales with dex now.

    Final shot is good. Could be better. As someone who doesn't use reforges or have any weapons with significant erg levels, I think archery should be more like it is with final shot (in terms of aim speed), than as it is now, and final shot should be like final shot+ vision of ladeca (or at least like Vision of Ladeca). Provided something like this happens, Vision should be deleted.

    I'm glad you mentioned the part about Magnum and Crash Shot being the only skills that matter. I think that's the crux of the problem with archery. It's hard to balance a talent that has you essentially spamming smash at range with a relatively short animation lock. I like archery, but at times it seems kinda lame that it's essentially just magnum spam (as an elf). However, anything less won't come close to competing with other forms of combat.

    Ideally, they'd lower the damage of magnum, speed it up in return, add some benefit to using the other skills, and increase the damage of ranged skills overall, provided some condition(s) is(are) met. I have a few ideas for this, but I'm sure there are many ways it could be done. IMO, all of the older talents could use this treatment. Delete or rework their most OP components (and ideally bloat components too - mostly for close combat, this part), give them 'goals' to achieve in combat that make use of their basic lesser-used components and empower their combat ability temporarily, and nerf or delete everything that makes these moot, OP, or otherwise too difficult to manage (for the devs). Also, maybe rework some stats and even upgrades/enchants.

    Bam - combat is engaging again, and the old talents can be stronger without adding random power creep.

    ...But, nothing like this is ever going to happen, and certainly not for archery. Stuff is too good in SK, land of 0 lag. Also, people hate nerfs.
  • [EVENT] Study Event

    Helsa wrote: »
    Yet another HS prop that really ought be in-doors. Has Nexon forgotten that they gave us our HS houses?

    They haven't forgotten; it's just that the HS houses are not actually meant to be used as houses. They're supposed to be sweatshops. If they were houses, they'd be stepping on the toes of the Housing Houses we already have.

    ...Which have been reduced to irrelevancy and mostly abandoned anyway.

  • Rest: Collection & Option to manage the Chair

    Dedicating part of the Dressing Room to Chairs is a good idea. Chairs are a purely fashionogi item that have no other anyway, so there's no reason not to do this.

    The part about adding a manage button to the rest skill is unnecessary. They could add an equip slot for chairs, which I think would be simpler and more reasonable, but I don't think we need even this. Just having a place to collect chairs so they aren't clogging up inventories would be great.
  • Allow VIP Inventory to hold bags.

    Habimaru wrote: »
    *Conspiracy Theories and Stuff*

    Of course, at some point, the people of Erinn will be threatened by how politically powerful we milletians are becoming. They might even start to wonder if any of those <<looming threats>> are actually genuine at all, or if we're just putting them there or making them up to keep them reliant on us and giving us more control.

    If we push them too far, the more powerful forces of Erinn are going to band together and attempt to oust us.
    Sherri wrote: »
    I know, let's add an VIP inventory expansion coupon (Web shop uses extortion skill R1)

    and the ability to use VIP bags.. for a low cost of $9.99!

    Don't forget, you have to buy special VIP only bags. They're the only bags that can go in the VIP inventory, and they only come from the VIP gacha.
    But at least each one gives you bonus stats like -20% durabilityloss, +20 max damage/magic attack, or +200% movement speed (applies to mounts as well).
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    Greta wrote: »
    Xiokun wrote: »
    (Also, please don't call everybody weeaboos. It might make someone upset. :T )

    Right, some of us worked very hard to get the weeaboo title!

    Honestly i find weeaboo word to be really insulting. I only prefer otaku. :|

    I don't get why people think this way. The word weeaboo is too silly to be taken as an insult, even if it is intended to be insulting 90% of the time.

    Also, forget Fashionogi. The newest trend is Linguistinogi. If you're still dyeing/collecting clothes instead of debating the proper pronunciations of the names of various characters in the game, you're playing wrong.