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  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    I don't think I'd ever want them to try a merge again. There's so many things broken on my end and the best answer I can get from NX is "We're still investigating". I'm still finding things that needs fixing as I play and if we have another merge, these things are going to break again.
  • about the merge name nao

    Nao was the name of the beta server when it was first being released on NA. The way I see it is that Nao is the mother with a nice house in the suburbs and Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach are her children that left, went to work, then returned broke and bankrupt, causing the elderly mother (Nao) to take care of them again.

    Mother Nao: "I left your rooms exactly as they were, everything will be the same, except I get to call you all worthless"

    Mari/Tarlach/Ruairi: "Yes mom...."
  • Please let aim speed count toward magnum shot

    How about we limit miss shots to be only luck based. So change the entire range system so that "missed" shots only count for half of the damage they were suppose to do if they were a "successful" one. So a base level Magnum shot does 250% instead of 500% if the shot was a "miss" on the old system. Ranged shots can still miss a target entirely, but will be like shuriken and dual gun misses in that only luck will make them unaffect the target. I mean its kinda stupid that I missed a shot on a dragon that's literally filling up my entire field of view...
  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    One thing I'd like to point out is that skills require revamps because they were made in a time when the game play was completely different. For those players that played prior to the combat revamps that saw the removal of load times, Hail Storm comes from such a time. Combat these days are much MUCH faster and are heavily dependent on reactionary and skill spamming than the tactical application of skill chains and the need to plan out offensive and defensive skills ahead of time. When it was created, Hail storm was actually quite strong, it was basically an MP efficient fire bolt with excellent attack, range, and cost at the expense of locking you on a spot. When Hail storm was conceived, fire bolt had the distinct issue of consuming too much MP to be used as a sustain barrage.

    Adding to Lute's comment, the usefulness of the skill correlate with the time/era of their creation. Chain Blade is powerful and easy because it was DESIGNED for the current meta. It focuses on high damage skill and quick bursts of damage to clear out enemy mobs with the necessity of rebuilding your resources with the scant survivors of your assault. Hail Storm was created at a time when combat was made for very close range, in a typical dungeon room, you can very well corner enemies with it where its lack of mobility is little concern, and its backed by a reasonably powerful splash and damage. Compared to magic of its day, its start up time was actually reasonable, and its crystal generation was FASTER than anything the elemental magics could muster. The trade off was the fire bolt was more mobile, but consumed a lot of resources and was weaker in comparison. Hail storm on the other hand was more efficient, had splash damage, and carried a faster charge time at the cost of mobility and required commitment and planning from the player. Looking back, Hail storm was designed well for when it was introduced. The combat then focused on planned assaults, careful application of skills that use them to their maximum advantages each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. In comparison to today's meta that focuses on fast AoE damage, fast paced skills, and reactionary applications of skills that requires you quickly clear out large swaths of mobs.

    This is why revamps are requested. They allow older skills to be changed so that they could be viable in today's meta. If we were in favor deleting skills over revamps, than the only skills sets we'd get to play would be Chains, Gun, ninja, and puppet. Magic deserves a revamp, a much better one at that. It forms one of the 3 pillars of combat in mabi, that being magical damage. Magic is also a very alluring concept, its fun to rain down fire, and its reputation of being the "heavy artillery" of fighting is just a front in its current state. There is honestly nothing it does that another skill/skill set does better. Its only real claim is that one form of defenses render it the only viable form of attack. Magic deserves better, and we should demand better.
  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Why did you even buy VIP...?

    Do I even need to buy VIP when I know the current status it is in?

    The short answer is you don't. People mostly bought it cause they thought they'd get the VIP update soon.