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  • Thoughts on New Baltane Missions/Baltane Elites

    ShouK wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Just because someone is not fast enough and maybe they don't have reforges on their items, does not mean you can call them scrubs and tell them to "git gud". Not cool.
    You don’t even need reforges to do the new missions though.

    i think greta was more so bringing up the idea kaizer may also be alluding to needing reforges to do good. which i agree that reforges are not needed. but that just stems into a problem that reforges have become a problem in the community to making people think they are NEEDED for todays content.

    i would rather them tune content difficulty to basic capabilities and then people with reforges only simply have it easier. not base things off reforges first then lvl.

    again no need to be rude and tell others to "Git gud"
    odinwolfe was right your assesment was inaccurate. my comment was mentioning that i had a feeling Nx just copys and pastes the content from KR that may be balanced to them because they play far more, had more time with mabi and are generally far more OP then us. so they balance the content with them in mind but then dont bother to adjust the values to properly accommodate us.

    like people mentioned before the problem is the NPC's die far to fast that you pretty much have barely any wiggle room to do anything else. and no amount of healing or whatever can fix that. so again your comment was horribly unnecessary. and inaccurate.
  • Nexon 2 Generous!

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Training sure is fast on 4x~16x training.

    I did it on 16x with a few burst @ 32x toward the end.

    Buying the tradeable RnG skill guds was quite easy since 15-20m is pocket change. I just hired a bunch of farming drones & also sniping a few of em off the market as well.


    ya. 15-20m is pocket change to people who price gouge the living hell out of others on a regular basis for items not even worth 10M.

    You do realize I could price any item at 15m and it probably wont sell right? Just by having higher prices doesn't mean people actually buy from you.

    and you do realise people have bought items at 50-100 mil which caused a domino effect on the market which made people as a result price thing at said prices and they absolutely refuse to haggle or even lower the price. you may not realise it but your prices can have a very destructive side effect on the rest of the market by making many thing completely unobtainable by many in the community just to quench your greed.
  • Wiki hasnt been updated on this yet. Chain quests

    Ena wrote: »
    i think it taboo to talk about it. everyone know but keep quiet. ...

    what are you talking about?
  • Wiki hasnt been updated on this yet. Chain quests

    Sorath wrote: »
    Bachram's Potential pages:
    Page 1 drops from large peridot animals in Avalon Bridge.
    Page 2 drops from the large peridot bear the spawns after every 50 kills in Nowhere to Run.
    Page 3 drops from Reanimated Corpses spawns during the defense phase in Knights of the Round Table.
    Page 4 drops from the large peridot animals that periodically spawn in the center of Gatekeeper.

    As for Raging Spike, all three of the required outfit boxes come from the reward boxes from Knights of the Round Table.

    ok Thank you very much :3 is it any tier reward box for the outfit boxes or a certain tier?
  • Wiki hasnt been updated on this yet. Chain quests

    so i went to the wiki and apparently they havnt updated the information for these quests. but i need all the information on what to do and where and how to get all the items needed for Raging spike and Bachram Explosion quests. as im on those quests now. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.