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  • Got a Custom Artwork Made of my Mabi character.

    My Mabi character.

    The Artwork.

    a few things were changed and pretty much what you see in the artwork is what my char is really meant to look like. but do to some of the stuff missing from Mabi. or just not being there in the first place. is made out in the picture. so that is the whisker's, the collar with a bell. and the Digitigrade Hind Paw's. and this one work of art only cost me $4 CAD. and the artist is Very nice and talented.

    if anyone is interested in getting your char made you can contact him here.

    DISCLAIMER: warning however. he is a furry artist so his specialty is in animal like character's he struggles with making human characters. only reason hes able to make mine is because shes for the most part. very close to being a furry. and only really resembles a human by the face structure and the body structure. beyond that dont be surprised if he turns down your request. his prices are actually also very cheap. he does both full body. and head portraits.

    anyway give me your thoughts on it.
  • Its Finally Over :D A year long grind is no more.

    Maia wrote: »
    I'm sure just about everyone who plays the game regularly will be r1 smithing in no time with this update (not just the AP boost but also the talent training exp boost). In a way I'm disappointed because these super tedious life skills were something that made mabinogi unique. On the other hand I can understand and respect the frustration of wanting to complete everything (or specifically what you want to complete) without having to spend a lot of time or money. I imagine it'll just get easier over time (or at least the older skills will). Magic craft and engineering will too in due time.

    thing is. one of the main reasons i wanted rank 1 is so i dont have to worry about other people scamming and robbing me out of materials that are rare and needed for the best weapons and gear. i remember when the CRK Swords came out. i spend over 50 hours grinding away at Alby adv HM for the materials to get myself 2 CRK Swords. i found a blacksmith willing to make them for me., but when i gave them all the materials needed for the 2 swords. POOF they disappeared with all the materials. effectively Wasting over 50 hours of my life for nothing. same thing happened to my friend a few days after. so fromt hat day i decided id get rank 1 BS so i can just make my own gear. and because im known to be trustworthy among friends they can turn to me to craft their gear knowing they will get what they want. plus im willing to do it for free and even supply the ingots needed long as they supply the core Materials.

    its all a matter of me wanting to avoid greedy people in this game from taking advantage of you. and willing to help others. plus i can forge good gear to gift to newer players.
    DaktaroRadiant DawnImaizumiNekoLily
  • Its Finally Over :D A year long grind is no more.

    its finally done. a year long nightmare of torture and Gold sink. Is now no more. :D

    went from rank 8 last night. to rank 1 in 20 hours.

    and i have to say it.

    THANK YOU NEXON. for releasing the AP training feature. without it i would probably never have finished this. welp now i can move onto weaving and be one of Tarlach's Rank 1 blacksmiths. just need to learn how to really make good items from it.

    Only downside to this. is im Flat out Broke now :(
  • Best Fine leather farm?

    so im at rank 5 Blacksmithing. thanks to the new AP training. i was at rank 8 only a few hours ago. however ive run into a snag..... Im all out of fine leather for fine leather straps.
    where is a good farm location for fine leather? i just did math dungeon and the kobolds in there despite the wiki saying they drop fine leather. didn't drop a single piece after 2 runs. only cheap and common dropped and in abundance might i add. i need to get alot of fine leather to finish blacksmithing to rank 1.

    also if anyone on Tarlach is willing to Donate or help me get a large supply of Fine leather or fine leather straps. itd be greatly appreciated. otherwise im willing to buy them off you.

    Ign: foxegirl
  • 6 box, 5 cheetahs.

    dra011 wrote: »
    Falcondae wrote: »
    Except that the dyes all expire within 30 days.

    yes i'm aware but you could always offer to dye other peoples stuff for gold that's what happened last time we had this gacha

    TBH i think this is a horrendous idea. the last time this sale came around. people offered to dye peoples clothes for gold but when they got the outfit from the other player they ran off with it. People lost really expensive clothes. im sure this is going to happen again now that this is back.

    i feel if nexon wants to do these in the future. then they should add like a request dye feature. where the item being dyed is put into a window then the dye is put in and the part of the item is selected. the items owner then agrees to a dye then it dyes. boom. people dont get scammed and players who buy these pet/dye packages make a living out of it.