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  • Lets talk Japari Coin Box.

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Hazurah wrote: »
    THAT "OUT" right before finish line

    This, and it's so weird.
    There's two versions of the board, one with an Out a few spaces from the start, and another version with TWO Outs on the board, one literally the square before the End.
    I landed on that right-before-the-End Out space twice today. :disappointed:

    SAME i landed on that stupid OUT tile just before finish twice today as well. Also they say theres 2 different boards but i only ever get the board that has the out in the middle and end of the board.
    the thing is having the OUT at the end isnt actually bad, it HURTS really badly when you land on it because we have a limit on spins per days, unlike its original version Meowbinogi because while ya it sucks when you land on it and get reset it doesnt sting because you just go back and farm 100 more spins off monsters and go again. there was only a limit on meowbinogi spins based on how much you can tolerate farming for the dang things.

    Fun fact that Meowbinogi board i actually Still have even to this day because i refuse to spend the last spin because it keeps the Little Paw icon in the bottom right side of my Screen because its cute and i love Paws because my Char is a foxgirl.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Hey guys. So I don't think cancelling it an option. But, I'm down to collect your thoughts on the event. Overall reception seems fairly negative, and lukewarm at best. Am I understanding the following correctly:
    - Items are obtained too quickly. Solution: Decrease the rate, impose a re-queue cooldown maybe?
    - Alt abuse. Solution: Item bound to character?
    - Lag-inducing players. Solution: Unsure what's plausible from a development perspective here. One idea of splitting players into the channels seemed decent.

    I know that some of you may be thinking: "Just do better events next time!" but we'd still like conducive feedback on how this type of event could be improved. I like some of the things y'all wrote in here.

    1.) this problem is solved by the proposal i have for #3

    2.) have the item be bound to the character that won it, even a trade unlock wont work. it will effectively kill advantage 1 player has over others by having 20 alts while others have 1 or maybe 2. as it cant be traded at all it forces them to play with 1 char and that character being the one they want the item for. thus making it fair for everyone Participating in the event knowing that everyone has a equal shot.

    3.) Instead of having players congregate in one location causing terrible framerate drops and lag from the people being their and the dirtbags who want to cheat and sabotauge other players by getting others exspeccially those on weaker machines to crash thus robbing those players of a legit chance, (honestly if these players were banned for doing that crap i wouldnt miss em)
    i advocate that instead 1 winner per channel er item is chosen but it works off a Ticket system like the one at the banquet hall. you show up to any general store in the game and buy a Ticket, these tickets become available 10 minutes before the winner is chosen, that way players can grab their ticket and head off to do what ever they want while waiting for the winner to be chosen, and then who ever the winner is will have the item immediately dropped off in their inventory. this also has the benefit of players being free to do whatever they want once they have their Ticket. instead of restricting them to one location.

    Ultimately i would actually like to see a events like that of the Saint Guardian Drop event become a tradition, i loved that event so much and farmed it like crazy.
    id say have these events running monthly, switching the reward each month from one gacha to anouther each time. this can help greatly to bring older gacha items back into circulation. and you can have them rotate between activities like SM's, Dungeons, ect to break up the monotony and bring variation.

    overall to bring more activity to the game rather then people AFKing all the time, and to help bring older items back into circulation which also helps fix this messed economy by driving down the prices on things.
    TiroSebastianRadiant DawncourtneyyCMKyriosskpkion
  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    Crims wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    This threads existence angers me.

    I'm certainly triggered and I'm not even a liberal. :smirk:

    implying liberals are even the one's who get triggered the most xD
    which it evidently is that conservatives are the ones who get triggered the most over things.
  • ..........nexon pls fix dis kind of thing...maybe?

    jjeremy wrote: »
    I think the only way Nexon can fix this would be to make female clothes uglier.
    Giving female clothing higher drop rates would probably work too but that seems unbalanced. Another way to fix it would be to take gold away from female players so that they are able to spend less so that high priced clothes would be unable to sell. Not sure if it would help, but it's worth at least asking the computer to run the simulation - kill the poor. We could also attach shock collars to people, shock them every time they try to list something at a high price so that they are conditioned to sell things lower. Or how about we take all items from everyone and share them out equally. Or we could tear up all the clothes and give each person 1 scrap each from each item. Outright ban all clothes. Pump everyone full of happy hormones so they're happy whichever way. Slowly replace each person with androids until there is no one left to complain. Connect all minds together to form a giant hive mind. Replace everyone's eyes with googly-eyes. Dance till you drop. Rub some bacon on it. Send all doctors to the moon so that we are no longer forced to eat an apple a day. Hold a chicken in he air, stick a deckchair up your nose, buy a jumbo jet, bury all your clothes, paint your left knee green, extract your wisdom-teeth, form a string quartet, pretend your name is Keith.

    Yaaaa.....NO. i as a female player who only buys clothes maybe 1% of the time in the game would most likely quit for good if they just decided to start punishing me and wiping my gold supply just because of super greedy people spending upwards of 100s of m for a single outfit.

    the best option and this would also fix abunch of other issues in the game. nexon does what BDO does and regulates the economy. make a system that lets the player set a price of a item but only within a price range up to the items declared max value.
    Item A can be worth up to 5M while item B is worth only 100k total. but the seller can decide to price anywhere between that and 1 gold. this way people cant just jack up the prices artificially to make absurd profits.

    but hey whenever i bring up even a abit of the idea in the official discord 2 moderators in particular from the tarlach server always slap a suspension from chat on me because one time the conversation got out of control with a few people throwing insults, and now the excuse is some people dont like the topic. and have requested that its shutdown if its brought up.
  • Goodbye

    Gaea wrote: »
    It has gotten seriously boring. Something happened during doki doki, people afk'd into oblivion.

    thats nto surprising. Doki doki island is the absolute most boring place in the game. always has been always will be. outside of the dailies which you get doen within maybe 30 mins theres nothing to do. over the years ive heard people crying "Bring back doki doki" "WE LOVE DOKI DOKI BRING IT BACK" "doki doki 2018" and im like i just never understood what they found so appealing about the place when its so incredibly boring and unappealing. isnt there suppose to be a dungeon at the top of the islands mountain infront of the pond that KR has access to but we dont?