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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • Question for Milletians:

    I wish I knew about training skills before power leveling to lvl 999 cumulative.

    I had to basically do things that caused me to lose exp so that I wouldn't level past 999 and lose my beginner benefits. I luckily figured out that ranking skills grant stats, which grant damage. So, I was able to take advantage of Duncan's free skill resets! But, it sure took a while...
  • Alexina is basically dead

    I know there's no malice here, trust. But, my question is, how does not being on Alexina fix the issue of population? Why are we yet again repeating 2019? Abandon Alexina in protest of another merge, while complaining about dead servers? And what if Nao doesn't want a merge? Screw everyone else? Only what you want matters, once again?

    The dogma that a merge must and will happen on basis on no evidence nor official statement whatsoever is not convincing me; it's pushing me to believe that it's more of a selfish desire being presented as an absolute to coerce people into joining the merge cult, as if no other option exists. The approach doesn't have to be another merge, people. There's many other ways to handle this without destroying the last bit of the game we have left. Please, just stop and think for a second.

    Generally speaking, I also don't understand how shooting yourselves in the foot to get the bleeding to stop makes any reasonable sense. The logic is simple, but not sound. This is like watching children throw a tantrum and throw their toys out of the vehicle until the parents get them the shiny doll they want from the other kid. Now you have no toys and no shiny doll. And even if you got the doll, it's now all you have and the other kid hates you for it. Congratulations: you've made everyone more miserable.

    I also don't know why Alexina players are still making this a personal thing with Nexon, as if nobody else had to put up with being the underdog server for nearly a whole decade and as if Nexon made their players quit and move to Nao. It's not their fault, guys, and they're not obligated to fix what your old members broke. If they do merge, fine. Get ready to lose Mabinogi as a whole, because you couldn't be bothered to learn from the mistakes of other games and find solutions that didn't make more players quit the game as a result of "unforeseen problems" like inflation.

    EDIT: But, you know what? I'm at a point where I'm just tempted to let all of you destroy the community and just let Mabi's end come along. If the Devs are dumb enough to indulge your requests, then both they and we all deserve it. You won't learn.
  • Bank Limit Revamp

    Or, we can continue with ideas that reduce the overall costs of items we want to buy so that we don't need a limit cap in the first place.

    Poll: "Agree with me or you're a bad person."
    No, thanks. All options are wrong in some way/not a solution and disagreeing doesn't make me a bad person.
  • How to Solve Inflation, But Not Really

    Silvaria wrote: »
    Markets don't care *why* people aren't doing something. They just care that they aren't.
    You're right, until people take issue with the state of the market. Then, the why matters when you're trying to solve the problem. The problem -- according to them -- is inflation, therefore knowing why supply is at a low matters in this context.
    Specifically, knowing why people are choosing not to supply, which would be due to many factors commonly pointing towards unfavorable RNG or lack of motivation to go through the slog.
    Would it be more rational to farm for Ruptured Black Metal (12m each on Nao) than to do Shadow Wiz Elite? Possibly. In that case, why aren't they doing so? You opted into a value judgement about laziness, but that's a lot of lazy players if so. It's more accurate to wonder why hundreds/thousands of players are making the same choice.
    I proposed a number of things, including laziness, with laziness being the common factor. Even when the ruptured metals (as well as divine weapon materials, erg mats, and soluna mats) were literally shoved into Shadow Mission chests that took no longer than 1 minute to clear (Conflict HM, with decently prepped party), many people still didn't grind for them. This was during the Golden Tomb event back in April 2020. I'd say that's probably a good indication of laziness.

    Anecdotally, I'm also getting stories (that correlate with my own personal stories as well as the current market's objective state) from players I've trained and taught in the ways of this market that when they team with players, the other players mostly mess around and waste ample amounts of time doing unrelated things and holding social calls when the objective is supposed to be gathering together to form a party to run a dungeon or quest. In addition to that, they choose to use talents and skills that are woefully inefficient at clearing the mission, like using a Perseus Knuckle to fight in dungeons when you would obviously speed things up by using AoE like Chain blade attacks, Giant's Full Swing, Final Hit w/ 2H swords, Kunai Storm, and Crash Shot. At some point, yes, it's the players' fault. But, there are changes the developers can make to alleviate the hassle for more dedicated players.
    The thing about productivity is that in real economies, its not so much driven by diligence, but by "laziness". A labor-saving device, whether it's a rock, a fire, a pickaxe, a crane, or a washing machine, is designed by its very nature to get more for less. Basically, you work less in order to get more. The big difference is that you still had to produce things without those devices, because if you didn't you'd starve to death. In Mabi, that doesn't happen, so one can choose to expend less effort if the payoff isn't, or doesn't seem, worth it.
    That's called "efficiency." I'm a strong advocate for efficient play. There's no difference between reality and fantasy scenarios, because real human beings act the exact same way regardless of situation or location. Most of us want to gain more for doing less, but the problem is that many people are choosing not to take the more efficient roads out of spite or personal preference. We can't do much about that, but we can suggest to the developers -- which we are -- that they consider incentivizing us to take the journey and reduce the weight of the obstacles.
    So as such, I would add another suggestion: rework dungeon design to be more similar to other missions in terms of time/engagement.
    And this is exactly where we all fall into the same perspective. You, the developers, and I all agree that this is the way to go, because the developers actually released an official statement declaring their intentions to go down a new path in developing dungeons, such as by allowing the max amount of chests to always appear and allowing players -- regardless of party count -- to open all the chests. This is evident in their latest content preview in Taiwan, where this system is implemented. They said that they plan to take this idea and apply it to other dungeons as well.

    You can read up for yourself in this post made by Onfao on the Subreddit, regarding chests.

    Here's the more general information regarding planned changes to the game in this year.
  • Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi

    Pectyl wrote: »
    Combat is the one thing I been doing consistently for a long time and your most likely right, I should and could do different stuff as others here have suggested.
    I would also like to know what challenges you have in mind, It may or may not work out for me but there is only one way to find out.
    Disclaimer: I come from a perspective of someone that's maximized quite a few aspects of the character. I also have to assume that you don't have everything maxed.
    1. Train more skills up to rank 1. All of them. Cap everything. It's doable within reasonable time, if you understand how many multipliers exist in the game and how they stack.
    2. Work on your Fynn Pet; get it to level 10k, get it some nice Bead skills, learn how to make it more useful for yourself when playing.
    3. Work on your crusader skills and subskills. You can work on doing crusader dailies to get some more crusader levels under your belt.
    4. Start building a combo card that'll amplify your power.
    5. Work on an Alban Totem. The Alban Training Grounds are behind Nerys at Dunbartion and you can create the emblems there.
    6. Practice soloing Alban Heroic.
    7. Practice soloing Rabbie Phantasm.
    8. Practice soloing Tech Duinn's Awakened Abyssal Lord (any difficulty).
    9. Build your "perfect" gear set for your preferred talent.
    10. Build some echostones in Sidhe Finnachaid and try to roll effects you'd like.
    11. Practice soloing Sidhe Finnachaid (this one's actually more solo-friendly, since difficulty and tediousness stays at base level until you start adding people to the party).
    12. Work on weapon Erg.
    13. Level your spirit weapons.
    14. Raise your renown levels.
    15. Learn efficient grinding tactics for various content (e.g. how to kill mobs in rooms with quicker speed/using less dura/etc).
    16. Farming your own [x] item, rather than buying it. (Not saying buying is bad; it just eliminates the effort, for good or worse.)
    17. Picking a reasonable base damage target and trying to meet it (e.g. wanting to score a critical of [x] damage on mobs with 0 defense/protection, like foxes at Tir or Clobbermeister, which will translate into other content you do as your power increases to meet the goal).
    18. Saving money to buy gear with strong effects (they don't have to be "the best;" just get what helps).
    19. Becoming a marketplace warrior and learning how to make profits by selling things other may want.
    20. Do Mainstream Generation contents (story plot content).
    21. Start Grandmastering some talents.
    22. Build a Fynni Gem Hatching farm across multiple same-account alts.
    23. Clean up your quest log (push yourself to do the quests and try to enjoy them).
    24. Claim the rewards from your Dungeon Guide by grinding out some of the listed dungeons or missions.
    25. Gather the materials from Mag Mell missions and try to craft the rare items, such as Kerune's Arrows or Fleur's Dress(es) and Tiara.

    That's all probably cherry-picked, though. Those are tough challenges I set for myself and I personally enjoy taking on all those tasks. I blatantly ignored lower-tier, "bare minimum expectation" goals like Shadow Missions and non-HM Dungeons. I don't know your experience in this game, but that's the kind of stuff I do to keep myself sharp. Those challenges forced me to improve my character to meet them and forced me to look at where I lacked power or strategy or versatility.