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  • Summer Master Plan Enchant Bonus

    It's not broken, 1% would be correct as it applies to the non Thursday base rate. Rank 3 is 16%, so 10% would be 1.6% but the game also doesn't round up to the nearest whole number so it'll be 1%, which matches up with the rates you've seen.

    Enchant Helper npc is event specified npc, and is not included in the Summer Master Plan event. We did have this npc for a month before the start of the Summer Master Plan, so he wouldn't be included in one so quickly again.
  • Seal Stone Idea

    I actually would love to have seal stones reset every once in awhile. Being once and forever broken was lame to begin with, and when they added Journal Entries for 300 points for a stone, it made me want one even more. I've been able to touch 2 stones with a chance at having it in my gaming time while in Mari but it never happened. So now I have to hope for either resetting stones, or some other factor to happen.

    Avalon is good, but having any seal breaker title would be an amazing honestly. Don't care how useful it could be or not.
  • Giant Umbrella Races Sign-Ups

    So after a little testing, I'd like to ask if we can make it set so that everyone has to be the same character type for this? (Aka everyone participating has to use a human for example.)

    I ask because with some testing on this, I tested how long it took on each race and how many jumps it took to cover a certain distance with a set point of start and stopping points.
    From what I observed in the testing from point A to B it took:

    My human 14 seconds, and 11 jumps for A to B.
    My elf was 11 seconds with 11 jumps for A to B.
    My giant was 11 seconds with 10.5 jumps for A to B. So 11 jumps will put the giant further ahead in the end.

    It may seem unfair to ask this, but it was brought up and I did my own testing on it. Multiple tries for each character type yielded very similar results from points A to B.
  • about the merge name nao

    I'm actually quite glad there wasn't a poll or anything related that allowed the community to decide something so big. Plus I do like Nao for the name regardless, so it's still a win in that regard.
  • Patch Notes? THEY NINJA'D SOME STUFF IN!!!

    Draech wrote: »
    New first titles were added. From those I've found, there's "The Sturdy" and "The Lively."
    The Sturdy (#49) - Hint Description: Let's train our bodies to be rugged and durable, able to withstand the most savage of beatings. - Hint Requirement: Have a total of 1000 HP or more (Divine Link counts).

    The Lively (#51) - Hint Description: Let's build up our stamina, allowing us to tirelessly tend to our typical tasks. - Hint Requirement: Have a total of 1000 Stamina or more (Divine Link counts).

    Safe to assume there's #50 related to MP, but I'm still far from reaching 1000 MP.

    It's actually leveling up once while having 2000 or greater in Hp/Mp/Sp for each of the respective titles. I did it in 1 go without forcing a level, but I knew how to do it before doing so lol

    And to add this for ya