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  • 100% Repair Is Virtually Useless

    So, if we can't agree on 100% repairs being cheaper, I would also be fine with plat hammers not being locked behind a paywall as an alternate solution. Like, say...the adventurer seal shop. The supply is going to run out eventually. When that day comes, I bet the people that are happy with how things are now will suddenly be willing to agree. It's always like that.
  • 3x AP? Double Rainbow? Quadra Rainbow?!

    Yeah, why not have regular 2000x ap events lasting 7 days at the beginning of every week on top of giving everyone newbie benefits to a degree where nobody ever leaves the newbie phase anymore! Also 128x base training for every skill!
  • My Questions of Concern for Fairy Event

    The quest does not state you will get another box, I noticed that as well. I never ended up finding a single flora after a long, long time. I really don't give a crap at this point. Their stupid exaggerated chances ruined this event for me entirely ,given how I had nothing to gain from it in the first place. This is pure torture for people who already have everything ranked. Luckily I just wanted the new figures. Bye event. -_-
  • Instruments that'd be an awesome addition

    It's all right, Sherri, they already ignored like 3 of my super big threads (around 7 times as big as your post with a lot of detail and thought put into it) even on the old forum. This suggestion of mine was not new; I had already posted a similar version on the old one. All we can do is keep posting and hoping that even if they merge them, someday we will be noticed.
  • what would have made mmo junkie crossover better

    The funny part is that this is actually kind of fair. If people hadn't pointed out that net juu has a crossover with mabi, I would not even have noticed the subtle references in the anime itself. If I did not know mabinogi at all, I'd just assume it's another knockoff anime-only homage like WcDonalds. I would pay it no heed.

    This event is the same. The crossover's there, but if you weren't told, you probably wouldn't notice.