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  • Two things I noticed in the new update so far:

    Yes, please turn off that profanity filter. Most 8 year olds nowadays spout worse insults on a daily basis than I've ever even thought of.
  • Influx of shop bots.

    If people priced reforges reasonably, I'd be more appalled at this development. I can't seem to care.
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  • Ice spear dan advancement

    There's like a bolt charge of the element that the crystals will spawn somewhere around the bottom half of each crystal as an indicator. If you're asking how to cheese dans in, there's no such thing. People wouldn't struggle so much with them if there were.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Wow, kudos to this Toon guy for doing a much better job at trying to convince the "elves suck and need a revamp" forum hive mind that elves are actually p good. Alas, soon one of them will hit you with another straw man like how elves lose Visions when they change channels or something about lag.

    Or perhaps some people don't actually feel like arguing about wallet warriors and about videos that incorporate far more than and almost nothing of the actual initial post's topic. This promptly became another thread about elf QQ and the crushing of elf QQ alongside actual criticism, in equal, uncaring amounts. I said what I thought about the proposed changes, but this all feels very different from the initial premise and I can understand if people are tired as hell of this type of attitude. You could cut them some slack, at least.
  • Report player abuse

    Let's not, though. As someone already said, your name isn't on the area nor monsters. Sure it feels bad if someone suddenly decides to claim half or more of the mobs you were previously killing, but imagine if our game was more densely populated than now. Like..when I started, for instance. Nowadays you can even find ancient raccoons. Ancient. Raccoons.

    Don't let it bother you too much. Just share. It's way worse when someone destroys a spider farm willfully with windmill, because that's actually something you had a hand in, even if it still doesn't have your name on it. That used to be way more common than it is now and it wasn't funny training weaving that way.