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  • Delay and Latency.

    I'm sure there are some formulas you can add that adjust damage or aim speed depending on your latency, potentially, or something of that sort. However, another point is that no matter how often we will call for it, it just will not happen. There will always be a difference between what should be and what will be done when there's no care for balance among classes and entire ingame systems by themselves, let alone regional differences that I don't think they even know exist.
  • The Raven in the Ruins' Hasidim

    I ended up just staying at range @SoraHakuDA
    I know it's not possible for everyone though. Seriously melee is kinda bull in that fight.
  • If you like Jousting but aren't on Alexina

    It's also that last time I cared (which was admitted ages ago), it was at very ridiculous hours for european people (just like the banquet). Doesn't make it easier for the entire community to want to bother with.
  • Issue with G21 Doki Doki Box's Meditation Potions


    The G21 Doki Doki Boxes contain Meditation Potions, which have no "destroy" option. You can only use them below a certain level and they can not be dropped or traded. So...for people who want to remain on a high level (i.e. 200) these items just clog up your inventory. Forever. Please add the option to destroy them. Don't turn this into another feature just because people can just rebirth again, please.

    Ok then, since apparently a description isn't enough, let me "complete" this bug report for your eyes to feast on.

    1.Find a problem within the game. Example: Untranslated Text, Incorrect Skills.
    Level 200 players can not destroy your silly free meditation potions without first rebirthing back to level 1, which a lot of people may quite understandably not want to do.

    2.Open the Bug & Glitch section in the forums and SEARCH. If you find the bug already listed, reply in the thread saying "It happened to me too!" If you did not find the bug listed, continue to step 3.
    Didn't find it, hence I posted. Maybe it exists already, but I couldn't find it.

    3.If you did not find the bug listed, create a new forum post in the Bug & Glitch area.
    Title your thread with a summary of the issue.
    I may have done that, but I could be wrong.

    4.Add details to the post about the bug. Answer the following questions:

    What is the issue? (It may also be necessary to explain Why it is considered an issue.)
    What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
    What do you expect to happen instead?

    4.1: Level 200 players can not use/drop your silly free meditation potions without first rebirthing back to level 1 and can not destroy them, which a lot of people may quite understandably not want to do.
    4.2: Become higher level than the usage requirement of the meditation potions and try to use the potion you got from the G21 Hype event's G21 Doki Doki Box.
    4.3: I expect to have a destroy function on the potions so that maybe I don't have to waste precious time getting back to level 200 for no reason just to free 2x2 or more inventory slots in my inventory just because this wasn't considered a potential issue instead of it becoming a permanent feature until we are tired of it and rebirth anyway so you don't have to do any work like how it works with a lot of other issues, such as years of crashing issues.

    5.You must include visual evidence, such as a screenshot or video. Please use whichever type of media best demonstrates the issue.

    Screenshot images are best for static issues, such as a text error. When posting images, you must use either Photobucket, Imgur, Puush, or Tinypic.
    Videos are best for issues which involve a specific trigger, such as the inability to complete a specific step of a given quest. When posting a video, you must use Youtube only.

    6. Please include the in-game name and server of the character experiencing the issue.
    In-game name: Siodhan
    Server: Alexina
    Also literally everyone else on literally every other server who is level 100+ and doesn't need these potions.

    7. Limit your thread to one issue. Please do not report multiple issues in the same thread. This will keep things clean and easy to read, and any following discussions focused.
    I edited this thread. Hopefully you will not just forget about it because you placed it in the incomplete section.

    8. If your bug is accepted and verified, pat yourself on the back, you made Mabinogi a better place.
    I may do that.

    This is the general section. You moved it wrong.
  • Dan3 magnum

    Just give it up. Everyone who's miraculously/due to latency managed to do it will adamantly deny that it needs change and they're not even gonna bother changing it even if everyone rallied for a valid point.