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Congratulations on the server merge! Hope they will keep on fixing and improving things.


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October 27, 1992
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"The village of elves and zwölves."
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Mari server resident
  • Does Potion Poisoning affect Combat Power?

    But the actual combat performance is still badly affected. I've experienced that some time ago when one of my stats dropped to 0 because of potioning.
  • Who would be interested in a role playing guild?

    @Fluorette , in its core it's the same. You say what your character would say and you act according to the behavior pattern your character has (e.g. "yandere", Leeroy Jenkins, reserved priestess, passionate cook ...). Except that you don't type your actions in brackets or stars, but you do most or some of them! You consider your race, age, main talent, some additional character info that may be of use (e.g. number of rebirths: "Ya new folks haven't seen ai single rebirth, tell'm. Ya'll understand if ya rebirth as much as meh." >w<). I was practically doing this in another game, which also involved some lexical changes.
    "This one could tell many things."
    That's usually fun and sometimes even relaxing.
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Ta-dah!... What? "I've heard it's a shame to not pay attention to a beautiful lady like me." I finally finished meddling with my female outfit.
    Um... Hello! I'm inter knight officer Laessa. You may've run into me before without actually noticing... Hehe.
    When I spread my wings, I serve as a protector of the weak and a guide for the lost.
    Also, I occasionally help with newbie training at schools. Be welcome to visit.
    I was quite upset when I found out that the armor I'd been working towards for a long time couldn't be dyed silver Q▲Q
    So here's a picture with my previous armor.
    The outfit includes: Black Swan Wig and Head Piece, Leminia's Holy Moon Armor (Jousting), Fluted Gauntled, Plate Boots, Pale Gray Battle Pegasus Wings. (everything was dyed except for the cuirass and the wings)
  • Are Lost Elves afraid of each other and spirits?

    I have a suggestion concerning the repeatable exploration quest that demands to bring a Lost Elf to the elf village (particularly to Atrata in Fillia). The idea I'm going to suggest is quite raw, but it's also simple enough, maybe not to fulfil but at least to understand. I've noticed that during that quest (which appears in the Basic tab and is apparently called Escort the Elf Back to Town) I can't talk with other Lost Elves that I may find on the way to the village. I can understand this: one elf at a time and all.
    I also noticed that I couldn't talk to my weapon spirit as well. As if the elf I'm escorting finds it insecure to talk to other Lost Elves and spirits ("don't talk to strangers"). At the same time, I'm sure I can talk to all other basic NPCs (the town ones, but I've only checked it with Granites, and Atrata doesn't count because she is featured in the quest). Technically that may be explained as if a Lost Elf is recognized as a spirit, maybe somehow recurring a dialogue without actually bringing it on the screen (that's why). But it also may be an occasional bug.
    Anyway, back to the suggestion. I suggest making it possible to duplicate the mentioned mission, or rather, to take more than one Lost Elf with you, in case you find another one on the way back. Why would we leave them alone in the desert, right? Technically nothing bad happens and they just remain where you find them, but morally it hurts. However, thinking of it, to prevent people from gathering elf crowds to accumulate the rewards, let's restrict it by 3 at a time (I usually only find one on the way back to the village, so it must be fine).
    Thank you for the attention.
  • Issues with the MabiNovel and publishing

    Since there have been changes after Mari's rebirth (i.e. server merge), I'm taking it as a starting point here, and also because I've experienced no such problems with publishing prior to it.
    I was able to submit a couple of MabiNovels. The first one is short and the second one is of like 19 dialogue units (scriptomaniacs, I tell you, that's not short >w<). But, at the same time, I wasn't able to submit one more novel of the same size (19 dialogue units) prior to the second one I mentioned. Moreover, on one of the computers pressing the submission button literally triggered nothing but the sound effect, but on another computer it drew out a notification about the impossibility of submission. So far my guesses have been: (1) some copyright (or other) filters that may misrecognize pieces of text or even letter combinations, thus not letting it to publish (the possibility was also discussed by @Fluorette and @KairiUJMK); (2) exceeding overall amount of designated allowed symbols in a single novel; (3) some Collection Book mechanics glitch that may be affecting unlocked backgrounds and music in a novel; (4) some weird (or not, we should ask Aeira about the rules) restrictions concerning daily/weekly published novels; (5) editing a dialogue (going back to one of the previous ones to edit; so if you do everything in a single try, it probably lets you submit); (6) presence of the same characters as in one of the already published novels marks yours as plagiaristic. I'm not suggesting it to be because of the size, because cutting/extending doesn't help. As of now, to be able to post one exact novel, I've tried: altering the contents to be less probably filtered (see guess 1), to cut a long story short~♪, avoiding to use "None." background music option, avoiding monologues (entries without characters). Nothing of that lead to success. Among the good things, my drafts are being saved and imported correctly.
    I may update this comment later or add another one. Or not.
    EDIT: More guesses! Yayy... I'm practically showing off, because some guesses can be easily checked, but I haven't checked it yet.