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Congratulations on the server merge! Hope they will keep on fixing and improving things.


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    It's not the devs who ruin economy but mostly players (who refuse to use other channels than Ch1 for trading, who are just being lil'Scrooges, who tend to use side sources to get gold, who set higher and higher prices on market, etc.). That's a fact. If the overwhelming majority behaves in another way, economy will become better. I'm not saying it will be totally cured or that there are no problems in itself, nu-uh, it'll simply become better. I still agree with more than half of your people's statements here. However, if you have a complicated or even a not-so-good system, you still have the choice to use it in a better way or in a worse one. There are in-game charity funds where millionaires can simply put their stacks into, but I don't know how exactly that option works technically, and there are still possibilities of leakage to alts maybe, but well, it's already the to-exploit-or-not-to-exploit issue. I don't think that stacks of gold in the bank themselves may hurt economy, it's more about what happens to them outside the bank. Even such an outsider as myself was able to earn some millions and trade on another than Ch1 channel (without setting very high prices or selling ultra rare items, and without grinding stuff for sale, mostly by selling common things that may be useful), and I spend them on what I find reasonable at times (repairs, considering some upgraded and x10-repair-fee-enchanted weapons; single NX item I can't buy myself; even some vendor equips are expensive enough to drain my funds; exclude the top endgame gear, which I don't feel the need in yet), but not that often. Nevertheless, I also conclude that the in-game economy needs some changes.
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  • Name change? Where is it?

    Gaea wrote: »
    I have things I want to sell

    Hmmm... Let me think. I'd suggest you
    Gaea wrote: »
    just go to another channel.
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