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  • I like the idea of implementing the natural dye event and the "catches" behind it (i.e you can't trade the dye and you could only make it once a day). Everyone was ecstatic about it coming out. However, I do not like the idea of having it as perm…
  • Greta wrote: » The Tailltean farming got behind paywall because of bots abusing it. Yup. What we have now is because bots ruined it. Which shows that it only takes one person (erm, a bunch of people) to ruin the fun of others. Conflict's gold r…
  • I find the title of the thread to be misleading because humans are technically unique, being able to utilize skills giants and elves by themselves cannot access to (archery; arrow revolver, lances). It's not a matter of humans not being unique - it'…
  • You can buy any enchants. The only exceptions are enchants that have "Exclusive Enchant Scroll" in the heading because they are scrolls that are bound to the person that receives it. You'll have to use NX to buy the trade unlock potion which lets t…
  • ShouK wrote: » Honestly even if they’re not immune, killing using guns are so not efficient (unless your gun damage is high but I doubt so, being only over 1k and gun need tons of AP to get high str+int), since while drop rates are not that terrib…
  • I'm honestly curious about an ETA on when they will release this back out again o-o It's hard reading the forums these days, but I saw that no one made mention on some estimate on when they will re-release it back out?
  • Given mabi rng, I would like for them to post numbers; however, I doubt they would post probability numbers here because it would scare away people who are considering of buying the gacha.
  • Kokoro wrote: » Hmm I think that if you try to enchant without using powder, it bypasses the rank 5 requirement but it's a really really bad idea because the success rate will be extremely low and you lose the enchant scroll regardless of success …
  • . Raishii wrote: » Nobody can say how exactly rare they are. Though, with a lot of enemies now becoming ele-immune, I would suggest going for a different reforge. With reforges, asking "how rare are elemental reforges" (and let alone getting the…
  • You don't have to be a specific ranked enchanter to use a specific ranked enchant scroll. For future reference, Rank 1 Enchanters have the highest item burning rate and we can only lose 5% of durability for each attempt of enchanting failure. En…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Little Annoying Ghost Part 2, with an actual declaration of love, and a Kyle Partner to marry post event. ...Did I just excite you ladies? Don't forget the guys who look up to Kyle as the man-crush.
  • Felice wrote: » A question for those who have done the Defense Dan Tests. Do HP Potions just not drop in these tests? Or am I just THAT unlucky? Yeah, I'm sitting on dan 2 defense and they don't even drop HP potions. And either way you aren'…
  • It disappears if it's dead/ you're not in the guild. It's supposed to be around the idea that it's a "guild exclusive" title, that you can't take it any where with you.
  • Even then, assuming you are on every day being very diligent about your points, it will only take you 20 days just to get the scooter.
  • Somehow I miraculously got ANOTHER shieldless Helm; selling this for 10m. It's your default Vine Dexterity R1 Helm... It's only one line of shieldless charge so nothing too detailed about it. IGN: Hirika Edit: It has been sold.
  • Behelit wrote: » I have the worst luck ever. I was fighting the master lich in peaca inermediate and the game kicked me out lol. I hope it gets fixed soon. ^_^ The dungeon DC function is there so it should work permitted you can get there in un…
  • There were crowds of people at Tail on the market channel and next thing you know, everyone's gone. RIP to those who were trying to run elite or any top tiered missions.
  • What's your IGN? Is it the same as the forum because I believe I saw a few people buying what you have and I can help you out there o: !
  • Hehsuitz wrote: » whats your ign? Hirika, Sorry I forgot to mention that Orz
  • It's now my time to shine, after the many years of being grandmaster-less. Though quick question, is there some official announcement? Because I really want to believe it so badly ;~; Edit: I'm an idiot. I didn't see that the date mentioned in t…