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  • Can we have a rebirth event please?

    Crims wrote: »
    This event is not offering enough rebirth potions. I still want a rebirth event.

    The salt from hearing about a guildmate getting 20 rb pots that they don't even need while I got only 2 since this event started
  • Buying and selling question?

    The party system isn't "officially" a mechanic designed for trade. People use it because when you open recruitment for your party the party name is sent out to the entire channel periodically as a system message. It's solely for advertising. The person with the party will usually have something like nm (note me), nmo (note me offer), mail, or CoD(cash on delivery) to state how they want the trade to take place. Note is a form of messaging that works even when the other person is offline, does not require you to friend the person, and can be accessed via a button at the top of the friendslist(default hotkey F) window. Cash on delivery (CoD) refers to the request gold function on the mailing system, where you can request a specified amount of gold before the item can be retrieved from their inbox. Usually the "party" trades are handled either in person using "exchange" trade window (found when right clicking the other person), through the mail, through the person's shop if they are just advertising their physical shop, or through AH(auction house) if they are advertising something they are trying to sell on AH.

    I hope this sufficiently answers your question.
  • noobie looking for some friends

    If you need help with anything or just want nice people to hang out with go hang out near the clann guild stone behind the Tir Chonaill moongate (one near the white wolves) in between the 2 trees. The beans guild members are also quite friendly and willing to help new players. You can also add me in-game ign: Miliardo and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have so long as I'm around.

    Edit: Completely slipped my mind but we hang out on channel 4
  • Animal Ears

    This has always been a thing that's bugged me in otaku culture. There are so many occurrences of double ears in anime/manga/art.
  • Solo Guilds? (SOLVED)

    You only need premium/vip for creating the guild, once it runs out you just won't be able to recruit anyone until you renew vip/premium but the guild will still be there including guild chat. Though there isn't much to familiarize with, mabinogi's guild system is quite basic unfortunately.