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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • Freebie-Shop (status: CLOSED)

    your art is so cute what the heck!
    i know this is kind of backwards but if you ever feel like posting or PMing a pic of your chara i wanna draw them :'D
  • Dream House!

    i reckon mini figure P:

    or maybe a hat and it covers your entire face so it's like your head is a house
    omg or its a clothing equip and your chara just becomes a house
    it would be hilarious if they were pets though
    a miniature house following you around and assisting in battle. with a massive inventory :Q__
    Maia wrote: »
    For example when we got those fugly wings for free they had timers on them. We could have at least gotten trash wings forever lol
    my alt is still wearing the ferghus wings :C
  • Coming Back To Mabi

    lostheaven wrote: »
    I've played other games before & I've never seen a game like Mabi. I love being able to customize my character and do whatever I want, instead of being limited or defined by a class or role. I don't think that the developers quite understand how unique of a game it is. Being unique isn't enough though. Each time I come back, I see fewer & fewer people playing. Nobody from my friends list has played in months. Channel 1 isn't full on a Saturday night. There aren't people at Tara or Tal doing dailies.
    basically ^

    the game is a mess in some ways and has the potential to be so much better :(

    agree with everything bliss said about nexon shoving things in gacha that should be used to encourage players to play the actual game instead...
    the amount of training potion in gacha especially is just ridiculous

    things that have been broken in the game for years and known about by devs
    sure maybe NA can't fix them without patches from KR or permission from KR idk how it works
    but does KR not care about NA quality of the game to bother fixing it? is the code just such a train wreck and so unreadable it really can't be fixed?
    i get some bugs aren't making the game unplayable but if nothing gets done about them they pile up and hurt the quality of the game

    the existence of beauty coupons is messy
    the existence of multiple of the same wings but different fixed colours instead of one dyeable one is messy

    it bothers me so much that they finally added face cosmetic for different face shapes rather than just one, but 1. they're coupons... and 2. they didn't add it for all face shapes...
    eg. elf male has 3 face shapes, (A) can wear all face cosmetic, (B) can wear only blank or blush and (C) can wear only blank or freckles
    what is the logic
    The thing I love of the customization is always choice. Having players obligated to stick to one hair style, because of the avarice that blinds them to simple conveniences that would improve the quality of life for many players without, or even enhancing, the current system, is bollocks. Complete #$@!!
    this ^

  • (KR) More Romantic Farm/Homestead Details

    If the housing is a house or a residence, you can enter the house and use the room inside the housing.
    what a time to be alive
  • New Pillow

    I suggest a new pillow that swaps the poses for equipping it and using rest skill with it.
    Girl > Boy and Boy > Girl
    Like an Eluned version of pillow.
    Sometimes girls wanna swing the pillow and sometimes boys wanna sleep curled up y'know

    IGN: Daktaro
    Server: Alexina