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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • post your daily fashion.

    the wig came that colour so wore it with galaxy suit. the sandals are only because my shoes that are best dyed for it are boots and this suit is one of those outfits where if you equip boots with it, it does the thing.
  • What do you think i should do (I am banned)

    Hyoukari wrote: »
    Long story short: I ended up getting the account information of someone and ended up misusing the information. Though I was perma banned despite the person not crying ban or anything happened. Through many days and about two months now of fighting it, if I send any more tickets they'll ban me from the ticket system.
    1. "ended up misusing the information" suspicious and also vague
    2. "despite the person not crying" didn't they send a ticket in when they realised their items were taken? and that's why you got caught and banned?
    3. i agree with other poster in the thread if it got to the point where they're gonna ban you from tickets either you must have been rude/disrespectful to them or they aren't gonna change their mind without some seriously solid proof :c

    the only way i could see it possibly being resolved is if the person 'hacked' or the 'victim' or whichever made contact with nexon staff themselves, explained the whole situation politely and respectfully with proof and begged for your account back for you. but idk.

    if you are the person from the reddit.. (not saying you are, but if it was the case..)
    "Yeah. This perma ban has been going on for 2 months now. It's really been eating at me. What's (censored)ing rich is that a few items went to my boyfriend's account, but he only got a 30 day ban while I got a perma. We share the same IP. None of that makes any sense right...???"
    if you were just taking items to 'teach the friend a lesson' why did you give some to your boyfriend too??

  • Chocolatier Romance Event

    Aeren wrote: »
    are there any specific fighter skills i can use on the food monsters?
    spinning uppercut has chance to put debuff on them that reduces def/prot. which is good because the def/prot they have is the reason they're harder to kill.
    somersault kick has chance to daze which stops them from using magic. i haven't tried this event yet but if it's like the regular cooking dungeon they spam bolt magic so it can be useful.

  • Where is Mabinogi? Update!

    Giegue wrote: »
    But I have not tested this to confirm if it works. I know NOTHING about how anything works when it comes to the nitty gritty of computers. So I do not recommend doing this unless you want to be the brave soul who tests it for me.
    I DID IT LOL. I was your brave soul. Figured my mabi didn't work anyway so nothing to lose might as well try it. It worked o_o well, it made the download into 3.14GB instead of 7 something. But I was able to log in after that!!
    I also talked to GM in the live chat and got the same answer that yeah importing files is broken. I reeeeeally didn't wanna have to download the entire game again. But 3GB with your method is better than 7.

    Now.. even though I unchecked "login automatically" it still logged me in automatically. So idk how to switch to play on different accounts while using nexon launcher :\ it seems to be stuck on my main account. It also says my graphics card is bad whenever I start the game, which it never did before. My graphics card is definitely not bad and the game still runs so... idk???
  • Were those *REALLY* our GMs?

    it's hard because we really don't know what exactly goes on in Nexon NA cuz so many things are not talked about.
    but the last mabi stream i watched was the festia one and it was similar thing happening.
    there were so many questions where sabina and nkeona were like "uhhh idk, we don't test content" and had to keep asking people in the background not on the stream, which is fair enough but even the people they were asking didn't know how to answer it. the people who test content were not the ones hosting the stream and one of the guys wasn't even present at the time cuz they were asking around like "where is he? is he here?". i can understand if the people with most game knowledge are not hosting the stream but they should at least be readily available for that hour or so for support.

    there are hints now and then that our GMs/CMs aren't as familiar with mabi as much as the average player. someone in festia stream asked to see the effect the wings had on stats and they kept equipping it on style tab like 'it's not changing.. i dunno' and people were commenting 'gear tab gEAR TAB' and it took some time before they realised lol. plus a lot of the time in help forums and figuring out event content it's players helping other players, not nexon staff helping out and explaining things.

    i just watched the 9th anni stream and
    - it could have been planned better with definite confirmations on info, less vagueness, less '???' and actual demonstration of the new skills
    - should have tested the dungeon before the stream to catch the weapon problem
    - to be fair i don't think nkeona sounded bored out of her mind? she just talks like that lol
    - totally agree that should give Saygo a break since he's new o: