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  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    Archmagick wrote: »
    >complex gameplay

    >spam WM, AR or magnum shot to win (with food glitches that let you get 999 dex)

    >spam elf magnum to win

    >spam golems to win

    >spam WM to win except you ignore most of your enemy's armor

    this was all before genesis btw.

    People who say that Mabi's combat used to be more balanced simply didn't have enough knowledge of the game to know what was busted or not.

    Yes, because none of those things had counters, and the monsters were too slow compared to us back then to take advantage of any openings we did happen to leave by making a stupid mistake at the worst moment. Not to mention all the crazy damage and utility gaps between people with the same stats and skill ranks. If you had said 'balanced' instead of 'more balanced', you might have had a point.

    I'm not saying that everything broken in this game came in genesis or later (although, everything that currently matters did, because old stuff was either left behind or changed), but it was a turning point at which a lot of broken things did appear. Our skills were sped up while monsters were left entirely unchanged (this still has not been compensated for in any form, unless you count all the adv heavy mobs), reforges came out around that time, nimbuses came out around that time (starting the trend of broken AoE pets, previous ones weren't that bad), armor masteries and broken bard skills came out soon after, and then we got the hybrid skills, which most monsters can't even effectively guard against, the beginning of another trend, as most new skills to come out since then have been similar.

    You could say that before that update, we had some options which were great against monsters (most of which, they also had), but we were still equal to them. Now, we're on a higher tier, and monsters can't compete, except for the ones with broken advantages themselves. As some people have mentioned before, this makes gameplay feel either boring when you're fighting trash mobs, or cheap when you're fighting HP walls that can one-shot you. There doesn't seem to be much 'in-between'.
  • Weapon appearance change scroll new addition(s)

    Sounds good.
    I wish we'd gotten these appearance scrolls a long time ago. Pretty much every weapon released in a gacha would've been better released as one of these instead. I hope they do this in the future instead of throwing OP weapons around for NX, as per usual.
  • This has been bugging me for a while now but..

    I think we should be able to have skill icons as avatars too. That'd be fun. More variety, you know?

    Unless everyone just uses FH.
  • Do Mods/GM's care about the situation of bots?

    Policroma wrote: »
    Shaeli wrote: »
    The spam bots get blanket-banned two or three times a day, but new ones show up and replace them like 10 minutes later. It's an endless game of whack-a-mole; the only solution is to deal with the supply and not the suppliers.

    The problem here is you pick on legit players more than the bots. That said, I think shadow-mission gold could use a re-balance. Have the longer, tougher missions give more gold while the super-short missions give smaller rewards. (Like, why do Their Method and Shadow Cast City not give better rewards? That doesn't make sense to me.)

    I'm not sure we're even talking about the same people at this point. I still see a lot of the same characters around the Taill altar spamming conflict. People are using the same terms to refer to the groups spamming sms, the bots spamming advertisements, and the ones killing field monsters (if they still exist). It's kind of confusing. The ones spamming sms have definitely not been banned, at least, not permanently. Probably not at all.

    I agree that conflict should be nerfed, sadly. It's just too easy and too quick nowadays. It's not an ideal solution, but it's the easiest and most realistic one, I think. Buffing the rewards from longer missions would be counter productive though. The people spamming sms with alts can still do this with longer missions. If only conflict is nerfed, then they'll go back to BFT2 or shadow wiz instead. The only downside is that they have to move their alts a little more, but they still get around the same gold for the time invested. I guess they would be a little more limited by the cooldown on FH too. Oh no.

    The way I see it, there are only three good ways to solve (or at least mitigate) this problem. 1.Keep people from playing on multiple accounts at once (doesn't look like Nexon can do this, and if they can, they aren't willing to). 2.Shift rewards from mission completion to monster drops, so these people benefit less from dragging alts along (nerfing the gold rewards of missions sort of does this). 3.Buff enemies and/or nerf players so content can't be soloed so easily. (While you're at it, fix that channel changing glitch that recovers HP, MP and SP, I've seen them using it to avoid using pots). The best we can hope for is probably a mixture of 2 and 3.

    It would be nice to see GMs doing something to help with it though. Maybe make those troll bombs we used to have a GM item, and pay someone to spam it on people who sit around taill altar spamming for hours every day in a group of homogeneous characters, usually all basically beginners, with some easy life skill talent at expert, who never communicate or otherwise behave as a person normally does. At the very least, it would slow them down, or make them leave an alt behind. It's not so harmful as a ban either.
  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    Twelie wrote: »
    Zeo wrote: »
    4. Make seal stones in Uladh continent a weekly reset thingy so everyone can get a chance to break them for titles and journal achievement once a week. No more people trying to break it so it's there permanently just for the attention.

    But I kind of like that they're permanent. Not because I have one, but because I think it's cool that people have left their marks. Almost like it's part of the game's history. I don't know. They feel like heroes of old, or something. I don't like that I'll never get the achievement though.

    I agree with you, but the community's stance generally seems to be "I Everyone should be able to have everything!". As neat as it is to have a few exclusive things like that (provided it's nothing that actually matters), it's not worth defending here.
    Xiokun wrote: »
    I think that's the true thing we should really fix in Mabinogi next; figuring out how to break that cycle and keep hard things hard. Not just by adding insta-death skill monsters and omega HP.

    So do I. There are two parts to this problem: limiting players, and making sure that content can always pose some challenge, even if you can kill enemies in two hits. Overall, neither part has been handled well; players keep getting handed more power creep, often for no reason, and monsters in general have been too slow to pose much of a threat to us ever since g16 (which is why they resorted to making everything a wall). Recently, however, they've started getting more creative with boss fights and raids, making it so they can only be killed under certain circumstances or with certain skills. This is good, but I'd still like to see them get more creative with the existing combat system in general. There's a lot there that's just gone unused and ignored.
    Hinotama wrote: »
    I would want a fix to stop people from complaining about everything.

    I want a fix to stop people from trying to stifle and/or derail the conversation. Comments like these are some of the most childish I see around here, which is funny since the intent appears to be to belittle others.

    People are not merely complaining; they're giving feedback by telling (or attempting to tell) the devs what they'd like the game to be like, and in some cases even offering solutions to get there. Now, unless you think the game is perfect as it is, I don't see why you would want to stop that, and if you do think the game is perfect, then you should defend it. Go ahead and shoot down these suggestions if you have any good reasons why they shouldn't be done. Making a jab at no one in particular without making a point isn't contributing anything, though.

    Keep in mind, a lot of the people who complain about people complaining, tend to complain a lot themselves. They just happen to be enjoying the way some things currently are, but they'll complain twice as hard if anything is ever changed in a way they don't like. For example, look at how vehemently some people defend FH in this thread, their only reasons being "But I liek FH being broken". How do you think they'll react if it ever does get nerfed? I wish the old forums were still around so I could check their old posts; I'd be willing to bet they're some of the same people who used to complain about giants being OP and stuff like that. Pretty hypocritical. Then again, maybe they weren't even around to see what this game was like before half the features were rendered moot by new updates, which would explain why they're willing to settle for just anything.
    Gaea wrote: »
    Elf problems.

    Once again, this isn't even about races, it's about balance in general. As I mentioned in another thread, not all humans want to be stuck spamming FH and bash all the time to be useful, but everyone who doesn't do this is at a comparative disadvantage, which matters because we're all competing for the same resources. Giving FH to elves and giants, as you proposed somewhere, would not even solve this problem entirely, though it would even the playing field a little. If you insist on FH remaining the way it is, a more fitting solution would be to make a 'final ______' version of every skill, have their damage multiplied by 5, all without durability loss.