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  • why Mabi is no longer fun.

    Greta wrote: »

    You will love FH, Bash and Reforge users when you will need to do Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon. Believe me. I actually don't mind them killing all monsters on my way, and some of them even leave huge piles of gold so that's a win-win to me lol. I would only suggest you to ignore reforges or start to play by yourself if you can't deal with it. I sometimes feel frustrated when a fully reforged mage or archer kills everything on my way when i try to Bash/Smash monsters, but i just meh at this and feel happy instead since i didn't need to lose too much durability and such there. I also don't have any good reforged gear, but i don't even care. I just dye my clothes :^)

    Complete hogwash. I haven't run Rabbie Phantasm yet but I look forward to being tough enough for it. I don't look forward to having other people cheese the whole thing with easy buttons. Durability, gold, whatever, what even does it matter if the game is no longer fun. There's still plenty of things in this game I can't handle alone, but I don't like to see it all cleared in the same boring, simplistic way.

    Gaea wrote: »

    It is necessary if you want to get through phantasm. :|

    Seriously, everyone, stop it with the FH nerf requests. It's really starting to piss me off and I wonder where this all stemming from. Ah! I know what it is. Jelly. Too much jelly.

    I started as a human, I'd played her for more than five years before I went to Giant. I don't like the idea of using this cop-out skill to trump any actual challenge the game will try and give, and I am not in the least jealous. That's like saying I'm jealous of Cloud mains in Sm4sh or something, I can pick both of these things up any time but I choose not to. Not even the best example because Cloud, while being incredible, isn't truly gamebreaking and meta-defining, but FH absolutely is. I'm fine with humans having this option to become highest DPS race in the game, I'm happy just with the tankiness I have. But have it be something to be used strategically, like the majority of other skills in this game (until gunner and ninja fouled things up even harder). Furthermore, I have not even learned Bash on my Giant, despite it being fully available unlike FH; I simply refuse to use it.

    I also reject this notion of yours. I believe wholeheartedly that a good enough party could push through while omitting Final Hit. I don't care how much dosh you've wasted on making this game a teleports-behind-u-simulator,
  • why Mabi is no longer fun.

    I just hate reaching the boss room only to watch a single human go ham on a boss for 5-20 seconds and murderize it with Final Hit, sometimes Bash applies too. And I hate that people will spend great amounts of money just to get such reforges. Why would you deliberately trivialize the game? How is it fun by the time you're just FHing all of Peaca Abyss to death? Also I hate reforges and the insane cost to them. If you don't have any, you will be grossly outmatched by most others at endgame level.

    Anyway I actually haven't gotten Bash yet, I had it on my old human, but learning of it, I vehemently reject it and will not use it, as it trivializes the vast majority of one-on-one encounters. But you can't impose such rules on other people, which means I gotta live with watching other party members spam it against everything until it dies. Just why on earth would they invent a skill that goes against absolutely every standard the combat system set in place, anyway? A combat system where skills are supposed to have specific uses, can counter others and be countered. I'm still livid.

    Also I have no clue why on earth a Giant buff is on the way. Giants are already the most broken aside from FH, and it's okay to not be of the highest DPS because we're still hella tanky and can wield 2handers and shields at the same time, in addition to substantial bonuses to many melee skills.
  • KR Content updates?

    Seriously? More effeminate hairstyles for men and still not a single tomboyish cut for girls? Barring of course some extremely low-detail low-poly styles from the far past. And Meryl style but it sounds like the gacha somehow didn't make it any cheaper.

    Just make a couple of those cute shaggy male styles unisex, good heavens.
  • The Homecoming Box

    Just what the heck is this? "Classic outfits"? Just about all of this stuff is 2015 and later, where's the old Winter Newbie Wears that weren't brought back, the Lance Feather set, the old school uniform, swirly glasses, old swimsuits, the maid outfits for Giants. What about even the more recent stuff like Royal Rose and the Sailor swimsuits that are basically out of circulation? Everything here is stuff I see on players every day, barring maybe Meryl Wig and Cocoa's set since those seem really rare.

    I am really sick of wings also, I wish they never happened. Complete fashion disaster and it only gets worse with each gacha.
  • What events would you like to see comeback!!??

    My vote always goes to Caravan, especially since I can run that kind of stuff fine now. It's a really fun for the mass-teamwork that goes into it, even the weakest players can get kills and speed things along, while there's also a spirit of competition in getting a lot of kills for extra coupons. I just hope the playerbase isn't too outright overpowered for it now. And if they are, maybe buff the enemies up. Surely we're not at the point where even a Red Dragon is trivial, right?

    But they need to give it good rewards, I remember them really messing up there last time they did it. This new gacha released today with "classic" outfits really shows how oblivious Nexon is with the type of items people would find interesting... at least I think so. At any rate, even having the original rewards that include Lance Feather Outfit and Luxurious Crystal Dress would get people running this, I feel.