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  • Family Weekend Fishing Event

    Well, the fishing bags may be useful to keep fish out of important bags.

    Can't see any other real use for em, though
  • Culinary artist + cooking expansion content

    I'm still waiting on the ability to craft those alcoholic drinks that were in the Connous Beach events (these craftable versions wouldn't have the bonuses they had in the event)
  • Music Attendance Check Event

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Can't entirely say I'm looking forward to the pet - I just strongly dislike the balloon animal ones for some reason - but at least I can stop saving up so many million for that bard bag now :P
    And heck, if I get lucky, maybe I can get a bleeding pet adoption medal if rng ever smiles my way XD

    This weekend the Fantastic Melody event gives you a free pet medal
  • Dungeon Reward Rate Increase Event

    Katherz wrote: »
    For a limited time, enjoy an increase in drop rates for some of Uladh's rarest items! To get the most out of this event, you can now go into these dungeons with up to 7 of your friends! Check out the details below.


    Event Dates: Thursday, October 3, After Maintenance - Thursday, October 31, Before Maintenance

    Event Details

    • During the event, you can enter Uladh Dungeons with a maximum of 8 party members.

    Is it too much to make that part permanent?

    Cause that's how it was long before you came here.

    Dungeon runs with a party of 8 should return as a permanent feature.
    CrimsọnLastSaturdayWolfsingerSebastianKensamaofmariFrozareBlissfulkillSherriKitinijustshowingand 5 others.
  • Anime Crossover Events

    Sorry for double post, but recent changes to Funimation's press (the negative news) will have Toei Animation playing cleanup before Goku hits the 2020 Olympics as a Japan ambassador.
    Those thinking about asking for One Piece or Dragon Ball x Mabinogi collaborations may have to wait before keeping their fingers crossed for the next (presumed) two years of Nexon event development time.
    Our best bet for a more recent era collab would likely be to ask for Mabinogi to collaborate with something currently on or licensed in collaboration with Crunchyroll.
    Japan will sometimes promote and sell licensed anime products such as DVDs or figures alongside Mabinogi collaborations.
    (Such as the Re:Zero or Recovery of an MMO Junkie collabs)
    Seeing as how Crunchyroll has a web store, it might be easier for Nexon to promote the licensed Japanese products with the inclusion of limited edition Mabinogi item codes in the Crunchyroll store.
    (For those who are moving away from the loot box model, and would prefer to just buy more physical anime merch.)
    I'm drawing my conclusion from the marketability and profitability side.
    Not that it's the collaboration model Nexon NA prefers...
    So don't keep up your hopes of seeing more Nao cosplay figurines, or Crunchy Chan dressed as Nao.

    Might want to extend that to ANYTHING licensed under Funimation, since Sabat has pretty much run Funi for the past howevermany years.

    Not even the Sacred Ointment will help.