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January 25, 1996
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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    So much yes for Arad Magician Costume Clothes.

    New outfits that were just released need to stay away for awhile, like they usually do, though.

    As for crossovers...they literally just posted about licensing issues.
  • gachapons within gachapons?

    It's not a gacha inside the gacha, if you are referring to the orbs.

    If you get the orbs, you get all of the wings shown for that orb.

    Fourth All Wing Orb
    Second Special Dyeable Wings Orb
    Angel Wings Orb

    Second Special Dyeable Wings Orb
    Brilliant Full Bloom Cherry Blossom Wings (Dyeable)
    Blindingly Radiant Frostblossom Wings (Enchantable & Dyeable)
    Golden Glass Wings (Enchantable & Dyeable)
    Incubus Wings (Dyeable)
    Wings of Tuan (Dyeable)
    Noblesse Deity Special Wings (Dyeable)
    Elegant Deity Special Wings (Dyeable)

    Angel Wings Orb
    White Angel Wings
    Red Angel lWings
    Pink Angel Wings
    Violet Angel Wings
    Holy Guardian Angel Wings
    Black Guardian Angel Wings
    Pink Guardian Angel Wings
    Tiny Holy Guardian Angel Wings
    Tiny Black Guardian Angel Wings
    Tiny Pink Guardian Angel Wings
    Tiny Scarlet Guardian Angel Wings
    Fallen Angel Wings
    Pink Fallen Angel Wings
    Yellow Fallen Angel Wings
    Scarlet Fallen Angel Wings
  • How about a Fresh Start ?

    100% No.

    This would be a good idea in general, but not forcing people to move, and not updating the other servers.
    Want a new server thrown in, thats fine, but make it a choice. Some of us are completely happy with our servers and characters, and put way too much work over the years to start over just like that.

    Honestly just give people name changes and server transfers and be done with it.
  • Player Moderators

    I'm going to have to disagree with this, I can see this leading to a highly abused function. The GMs could keep the PM secret, but word always finds a way to get out. And the Player Mod would be biased to friends and people who they personally dislike. Also- how is the player suppose to judge what is a mutable offence? People fight all the time, people have conflicts of opinions, that doesn't necessarily require being muted.

    As for the player not being able to communicate with others....that's just silly. That literally defeats the purpose of the social aspect of the game. Also, just because they wouldn't be allowed to converse with others, does not protect them from being harassed themselves, which just leads to more abuse of the power, muting people who harass them.

    Sure, according to OP, the people who qualify would have to have zero offenses and be obligated to follow rules, but there will always be at least one person who lets it go to their head, acts too emotionally, or just disregards the original purpose of the Player Moderator program.

    Having player moderators is a hard no, and you can just report people for harassment via tickets. The GMs do look at and solve tickets, despite popular belief that they don't.
  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi


    .....jesus LOL