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  • Baltane Zombies "Teleport", Speed Mismatch

    What happens now: Zombies in Baltane missions appear to walk sometimes when they should run.
    What should happen instead: Their movement speed on the client should match the server.

    Zombies that "walk" are actually running and catch up to you to do melee attacks when it appears they shouldn't.


    IGN: RRM
    Server: Ruairi
  • [4/1] Dev Options & Storyline Keyword Leak!

    So I logged on today to find that we had been pranked, there were monster models instead of players/pets on the character screen.


    But apparently they accidentally enabled some dev options to do that, because I went to my options screen and look what I found!


    I tried out the WIP keywords... and you all know how G18 was kind of meta with the Milletians and "power level" showing up?
    Looks like G21 or whatever the upcoming storyline is will be even more meta!


    Or maybe the devs are just making fun of us...

    Q - Are these real screenshots?
    A - These are definitely screenshots. Screenshots of Photoshop project files.

    Q - How come these options don't show up for me?
    A - Probably because it's April 1st.
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  • Enchant Name - Paradox/Contradiction Mismatch

    What happens now: When a Contradiction enchant scroll is put onto a Bhafel Hunter, the name of the enchant changes to Paradox.
    What should happen instead: The enchant should have the same name in both scroll and item form.



    (Somebody else's bow.)

    Also somebody else showed a shot that indicates it differs between crossbows and bows.


    Note that using the KR item simulator site set to English and trying to apply "Contradiction" to a Bhafel Hunter bow (like in the screenshots) makes the simulator apply "Paradox" to the bow instead (like in the screenshot), showing that it wasn't a player derp and the enchant name itself is somehow mismatched.

    Funny how the enchant name itself is contradictory.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM
  • There's too many wings in gachas now.

    For years, wings were rare and prestigious items. There were only a few kinds and they came out rarely, so they were worth a lot and people valued them due to how unique they were. I remember for years I was wishing I could afford or get a pair of wings somehow, and when I finally got my first pair I wore them all the time because of how rare it was to have wings. I even redid outfits around them because the wings were unique.

    However over time, more and more wings have been added to more and more gachas. It's not uncommon for a gacha today to introduce 5-10 new wing items! It's gotten to the point that they're not special, a gacha having wings does not make it a special gacha.

    Just look at what housing looks like nowadays.


    All the extra wings are just taking up space, and people are selling them for a fraction of the old prices or less (I've picked up wings for less than a mil in Belvast multiple times). People are selling them low and multiple at a time to get rid of them because they're not special anymore, the pricing is a good reflection of what players think about most wings now.

    I understand that multiple colors are introduced so players have variety of options, but Mabi has a dye system for a reason, and there are some dyeable wings so we know it works. If Nexon was to stop putting so many wings in gachas and have them dyeable, they'd be rare (less of them available) and special (can dye to match your stuff) items once more.

    And since they'd be rarer and more special, more people would be tempted to buy gachas actually wanting the wings, instead of treating the wings as filler items to resell.
  • Giant trans on tower cylinder = invisible giant.

    What happens now: If a giant starts or ends their racial trans while using a Tower Cylinder, they become invisible.
    What should happen instead: The giant should not become invisible.

    1 - Wield a Tower Cylinder.

    2 - Use the beast/racial trans.

    3 - Use the "Cylinder On/Off" action to install/mount the cylinder.

    4 - End the beast/racial trans (using it again manually to cancel works). Notice the lack of body.

    5 - Dismount/off/uninstall the tower cylinder and you're still invisible.

    Also, if you triggered it by ending the trans while mounted, you can additionally put it only some items to have them render selectively.

    As a note, this is not just a client-side bug for the user.
    Other players who can see you when you take these steps will see you as invisible (or with selective items worn) too.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: Rrrydian