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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.
  • How long is it taking you to find the 10 wheels?

    Nowhere To Run (Elite).

    I just toss in Ice Spears and print Skating Wheels.
    I also find them while I grind Alby.
  • End Mage Oppression

    Does datamining count as a "Scan" ability? We seem to know a lot about mob stats, given the wiki and also use of basic mathematical comparison.
    Battlefield Overture provides no magic attack and in the current system, it functions as a converter of your "Damage" stat into Enchant Damage which functions on some Bolt/Intermediate magics, very high on Firebolt and little to nothing on everything else which would mean missing out on a potential 20-50% damage gain buff.

    We already discussed once that they're changing the functionality to apply equally to physical and magic attack, didn't we?
    Food buff items are hard to farm as Hard Cider +4 Magic attack requires Apples which are not purchasable from NPCs unlike Hard Cider +2 Max Attack which requires Lemons which are NPC purchasable.

    Food buff items are fairly tedious to craft, regardless. But, I don't think there's a "quick craft" food buff item for MA. Like, for example, I can just buy a certain food from an NPC that throws 198 luck at me in a cater. It costs 10k per item. I think MA could use one.
    is a joke. :joy:

    I think Int Magic should be expanded a bit to have some new, non-elemental spells. Either that, or Thunder and Ice Spear need some tweaking alongside Fireball. Fireball's new mechanic now overshadows both of them.

    Wand Erg is forgettable and I don't think adding int casting to wands helps the situation. :joy:
    And buff potions could use some change of access. I don't see a "bone chip" for Magic attack. Let's consider this as well.

    I'm heavily biased against magic and it's entire existence, but I can still see some serious problems with it I'd like to see changed (if only to make my time in parties with "mages" less frustrating).
  • The Billionaire's Bankroll

    Let the simulation begin. :joy:

    Looking forward to this becoming a permanent feature. Everyone not using alts will be on the level of those who do.
  • Question for Milletians:

    I wish I knew about training skills before power leveling to lvl 999 cumulative.

    I had to basically do things that caused me to lose exp so that I wouldn't level past 999 and lose my beginner benefits. I luckily figured out that ranking skills grant stats, which grant damage. So, I was able to take advantage of Duncan's free skill resets! But, it sure took a while...
  • Why are you trying to return to Mabinog ? O_O

    I never left (unless you count my absence before 2016). Always loved the game and I never want to see it go away.