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Zarozian was here! ;D


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    It's okay. You guys have Zaro now. = w=
  • Worth getting back into?

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    Gaea wrote: »
    Yeah that elf comment isn't exactly accurate. Mainly see humans running around. Have to have that "game breaking" fh. ;)

    Hey just because I came back and destroyed a good handful of those crappy cone eared sand turds who laugh like an electrocuted hamster, doesn’t mean that they are no longer out there breeding and multiplying beneath the sands of Filia while we are distracted by the black dragon.

    They’ll be back. And before you know it, one of them will be humping your leg. Mark my words @Gaea , we need another great purge. We have to finish the job and wipe out all the elves this time! >;(
    Clegunna wrote: »
    not really im doing mutiple other things right now this kind of my background thing. way different than making a whole new char and starting a tutorial process just to get rid of it. just saying

    Please let me help you, since Arjune and Gaea seem to have forgotten how to speak to people outside of these forums with manners.

    This will help you decide once and for all.

    For me with every game that’s great and fun, there are people in it who make it great and fun and exciting, the ones who you login to play with and to talk to, it’s the community really, but the Mabinogi community is a great shadow of its former self. People rarely do anything together or do anything at all.

    Another thing is how consistently the game updates. Mabinogi can go for a year or two without any update, leaving people there to rot and letting the game stale.

    What kept me in another game for so long was my clan and the amazing people I have gathered. I keep things interesting for them and they keep things interesting for me, the second thing is the community, oh man the community is just so wonderful and hilarious, it reminded me of Mabinogi when it was at its prime.

    But basically it has a lot to do with people and who you can play with once you are done with the content at the end of the day and whether or not the game is still challenging or if it can offer up anymore surprises in its stories or lore.

    You are better off playing something that you can make a lot of friends in, like VRChat for example or you can join me on Warframe and I can introduce you to the clan of 1000 people and many of my dear friends whom I made along the way from many other games including Mabinogi.

    So you need to ask yourself and perhaps ask this community this question.

    Does this community still have a community and are there people who you can form a friendship with that keeps you coming back for more?

  • Severing Ties

    There are people in our lives. Some positive and some negative. You want to succeed? Then you must sever the ties with those who don't support you and those who try to sabotage you and bring you down. = w=

    These people will try to convince you that you need them. It's always that sort of game when you try to leave your toxic friends who have no future. They constantly bring each other down and keep each other down and after you sever ties with them, they always try to show up to places wherever you go, following you like the sheep that they truly are.

    The truth is that it's always been the other way around. You don't need them, they're the ones who need you, that's how it always has been. = w=

    So you and me. We don't need people like that, we will rise to the top through supporting each other and through trust. So abandon those silly sentiments and realize that they are nothing but losers. You want revenge you say? Success is the best revenge. So we will both rise to the top and leave them behind.

    We will rise so high up that we won't even see them anymore. But being at the top comes with new people and new challenges and if severing ties with others got us this far, then cooperating and forming bonds again with those at the top will bring us higher.

    Cause sometimes the best way to achieve your dream is to help others achieve theirs.
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  • Land of the Lustrous (Houseki No Kuni)

    DANNYdani wrote: »

    Understandable, but still :3 if the person dislikes CGI then... good for them? like i said, some people like CGI, some don't.
    As long as you like it, screw the haters? :D

    Yes when would you like to help me screw the haters?

    Christmas Eve sounds good to you? ;O