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October 31, 1991
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  • Special Space for Pet Whistles

    Greta wrote: »
    Storing in Bank is kinda inconvenient if i quickly need to grab few. Selling fynni gems barely makes any profit anyway. But yeah i sell whistles.

    Yeah, but I guess the only other option would be to choose only one type of Fynni Gem you actually care about keeping and bloom those exclusively.
    At least that's kind of what I've ended up doing, just Blooming Werewolves from Fiodh since I'm running it so often anyways. Since they're Grade As and have a good chance of giving a Level 200 whistle at r1 Blossoming.

    I think E and D grade gems give a slightly better Pine Cone per Hour rate, but I'm more into getting Lv200 Fynni Pets for Fynn Sync sacrifices.
    But yeah the amount of space taken up if you're hoarding the stuff for some reason instead of using/trading them right away can be quite large.

    Then I have like another 60 in the bank and already 100 Fynni Pets sitting in my Pet List. xD
  • *NEW* Homestead Housing Hot-Air Balloon Box

    Well at least I won't be replacing my current homestead house.
  • Well, that wasn't too difficult (10k corgi)

    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    Getting all the Fynni pets required is pretty easy seeing as how you can get a free blossoming cage for each of your alts in a few minutes of work and use them to blossom werewolf gems. Even at rank F you'd get a level 150 pet for basically no work.
    The real challenge is the 500+ magic powders. It took me an hour straight of hitting a lamp post to get enough gems to make around 30 even with the trade in quests. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

    It can sound kind of wasteful, but you can "enchant burn" anything, even a single piece of gold, and you'll "fail" and receive 1 Magic Powder in return.
    It's basically using a campfire to turn Any Item + 1 Holy Water + 1 Mana Herb into 1 Magic Powder.

    Also about hitting stuff for gems, have you checked out the shop area sign over in Port Cobh?
    It's over by the area where you can set up personal shops, and has a higher-than-normal drop rate compared to almost every other normal whackable object.
  • Fynn pets

    Equip a Fynn Bell-type item.
    The NPC Price sells them in his shop. He moves to a different spot every midnight in-game, but you can look in the Traveler's Guide thingy to see where he currently is standing.
  • Best Pet to use as Main pet for Fynn Sync

    Yeah it's usually gonna be a good Divine Link pet.
    Preferably one with a good aura effect, like Scooter Imp, or the New Corgis, or heck even a Tuan might be nice, even though its normal stats are kinda lowish any pet becomes more powerful as it builds up its Fynn Pet Mastery and Shine of Eweca passive.