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  • Game Freeze when using a specifict sword

    It's a combination of two issues.

    First, is the lag when your wolf first spawns in.
    This is the issue over in the bug report. I can't give much help in that regard, except it seems to affect certain characters, while some go unaffected.

    Second, is an issue with all summon-type things with very active AI.
    Your summons will just flood your client with so many commands in a short period of time, it essentially clogs up your own inputs.
    This is noticeable if you do something like give yourself a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies and then summon a partner that ALSO is equipped with a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies.
    You'd end up with like 8 summons, your partner, AND your own character all telling the client "Hey, i'm gonna attack that monster!" all at once, and it can lead to situations of you yourself not being able to tell the game what you want your actual character to do.

    I don't remember the Marshal weapons summoning things for TOO long, but the things they do summon have pretty active AIs that are always wanting to spam attack the nearest target, it could lead to issues on its own.
  • Forgetful Potion now once a Week?

    Read the item descriptions of the Forgetful Potions you use more carefully.

    Here's a 1-day cooldown variant
    This one is from the 1st clear boxes from the dungeon guide system.

    Here's a 1-week cooldown variant
    This one is usually from events.
    Though of course events can probably hand out the 1-day cooldown variant as well, always be sure to read the description to make your decision and don't get slapped with a 1-week cooldown you aren't prepared for.
  • Pet Summon Lag

    Issue: Currently, summoning a pet causes lag, in that the character cannot do actions for a few seconds after the pet is summoned.
    This includes attacking, moving items in inventory, using Fynn Bead Skills, and many other actions.
    The issue extends to pets summoned through Friend Summon and also applies to summoning Doll Bag dolls.

    What happens: The character experiences lag preventing many actions for a few seconds after summoning a new pet, or other type of summon, preventing many actions from being performed immediately after summoning.

    What should happen: There shouldn't be any abnormal lag caused by summoning.

    Server: Nao
    IGN: Teraschione

    But geez how do you get proof of this.
    Others have corroborated this lag, so I know it's not just me.
    Can others also attest to this?
    It feels like it was recently added with this most recent maint, but I've felt some kind of lag for summoning pets for a while, but this has definitely been exacerbated recently.
  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    Leinei wrote: »
    I can't read Korean, but is that a Blaanid Support Puppet?! I want everything from this...!

    Wait, what's the with the service icon there?

    Given the "(7일)" which is "7 Days" there at the end, I'm guessing it's 7 free days of Premium Service.
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    Greta wrote: »
    Look at these pink haters. They pretty much hate Katherz's character main colors. Pshh. Then what IS a good/favorite color?

    Radiant DawnHabimaruWolfsinger